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Taxes and kittens..

WTF is the deal with Obama’s nominations and their taxes? The latest is the nomination for OMB, Nancy Killefer. Her problems have something to do with unemployment taxes, and the amount is minimal..a thousand bucks.

But she withdrew her nomination anyway. Daschle however won’t withdraw his, even though his tax problems are around 130k.

Some folks are screaming sexism. I just don’t know at this point. But I do know it’s fucked up that these high-profile people have scammed the taxman.

As for kittens…I have a very sick cat, my little Pumpkin is on meds and refuses to eat or drink. She is primarily an outdoor cat that comes in when the weather is cold and nasty, as it has been this winter. I love this little girl and hope you folks who are cat lovers will keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I am feeling good finally so a hug to all that frequent my little blog and have inquired as to my bout with antibiotic-resistant strep.

UPDATE: Daschle withdraws.

KBR, taxes and detention facilities..

Yesterday’s news that KBR is playing fuck-around regarding the paying of taxes for American employees in Iraq and other hotbeds of insurgency was a wonderful eye-opener and not really a surprise by any stretch of the imagination. As TPMmuckraker puts it:

…the nation’s top Iraq war contractor, lists 21,000 employees as employees of a Caribbean-based company that has neither an office nor a phone number. By creating such shell companies KBR has saved hundreds of millions of dollars in federal taxes. The Department of Defense has known about this since 2004 and rationalized KBR’s scheme by asserting that it allowed KBR to work more cheaply and thus save DOD money (at the expense of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds).

Their employees found out about this the hard way of course. Like when they went to apply for unemployment after returning from Iraq and were told that since KBR didn’t pay ‘those taxes’ they couldn’t file for unemployment benefits.

Oh, and by the way, KBR has avoided paying over $500 million bucks in taxes this way. And they had a banner fourth quarter financially to top it all the tune of..wait for it..

Revenue for the final three months of 2007 amounted to $2.4 billion, topping the Wall Street forecast of $2.27 billion.

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