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Pakistan assembly to Musharraf: Resign or face possible Impeachment

From Jurist:

Pakistan’s Punjab Provincial Assembly on Monday voted to ask President Pervez Musharraf to resign or face possible impeachment by the country’s parliament. Of the body’s 371 members, 321 voted for the motion, including the majority of Musharraf’s own Pakistan Muslim League-Q party. In response to the vote and impeachment plans led by the country’s coalition government, Musharraf stated he will fight the allegations of wrongdoing and asserted that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) simply wants to impose their rule over his own. For the potential impeachment to succeed, it would require the endorsement of two-thirds of legislators in a joint session of parliament. The lower house of parliament was scheduled to meet later on Monday to consider the move. BBC News has more.

Why can’t our Congress do this? It is a rhetorical question…