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For Teabagger Tom – Watch your ilk attack when they lose an election.

Teabagger Tom is a nitwit commenter on the post below this one. Bob Filner(D) is a congress critter from San Diego, you know, Issa’s part of the state. The teabagger, Nick Popaditch lost to Bob Filner, so what did they do? Why they went over to Filner and his supporters, as they left election central and started harassing him, spitting on him and actually punching one of Filner’s campaign workers in the face.. and lots of other nice friendly things. San Diego’s Union Tribune never even covered this act of violence and aggression.

In fact, if you google Popaditch supporter attacks you only get one writeup about it and that is from Southwestern College, a small college in the San Diego area. Below is their writeup:

Violence erupted at San Diego’s Golden Hall Election Central when Congressman Bob Filner was attacked by Republican challenger Nick Popaditch and his supporters. Filner, a Southwestern College reporter and Filner supporters were set upon by a mob of about 100, led by Popaditch. Filner and student journalist Monika Tuncibilek were trapped with their backs to a pillar, surrounded by Popaditch supporters.

At least one member of Filner’s entourage was punched in the face. Filner was shoved and spat at as he grabbed the arm Tuncibilek to keep her from being assaulted or injured.

Popaditch led an angry mob that called Filner a “communist” and chanted “Popa-ditch” then later changed the chant to “Bob’s-a-bitch.”

Popaditch supporters followed Popaditch as he rushed at Filner and his staff as soon as he entered Golden Hall. Filner supporters were overwhelmed by people holding Popaditch signs. Filner was surrounded with his back against a wall as he attempted to make his way to one of the news stations for an interview. Popaditch darted across the hall to get in front of Filner and confronted him.

A Popaditch supporter said the incident was only “one candidate trying to give another a handshake” and that “one ran, one followed.” Filner supporters called the Popaditch camp “childish.”

At one point a Popaditch supporter punched a member of Filner’s camp while Popaditch was seen smiling about 10 feet away. Police eventually established control over the crowd. There were no arrests.

Filner won re-election to the 51st Congressional District with 60 percent of the vote.

What really sickens me is the lack of reporting on this ugly mob rule by all the media outlets in San Diego. As a San Diego native this embarrasses the hell out of me.