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Hightower,Iraq and Oil

David Hicks must serve an additional 9 mos.

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GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba – A U.S. military tribunal sentenced Australian David Hicks Friday to seven years in prison but he will only have to serve nine months of the sentence.

He already fucking did 5 years of it. They act like its a gift that he only has to serve 9 more months.

In the immortal words of John D. Hutson, the Navy’s top uniformed lawyer from 1997 to 2000:

“We know you’re guilty. We can’t tell you why, but there’s a guy, we can’t tell you who, who told us something. We can’t tell you what, but you’re guilty.”

Oversight committee requests deposition of Former White House Aide Susan Ralston

Today the Committee sent a formal request to former White House aide Susan Ralston to appear for a deposition on April 5th. The deposition is part of the Committee’s investigation, begun last spring, into lobbying contacts between lobbyist Jack Abramoff and the White House.

Cspan has become my favorite channel lately.

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And the hits just keep on coming…Condi on the clock

From Waxman’s Oversight Committee website:

The Committee has formally requested Secretary Rice to testify before the Oversight Committee on April 18th regarding the Administration’s claims that Iraq sought uranium from Niger, White House treatment of classified information, the appointment of Ambassador Jones as “special coordinator” for Iraq, and other subjects.

More Must See TV!!! Will BushCo try to weasel out of this? Stay tuned 🙂

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Bottom line: Gonzo lied

After watching the testimony of Kyle Sampson since 7am this morning, it all boils down to this:

Gonzales lied under oath

This isn’t a maybe thing..Sampson stated numerous times that the AG was involved in and signed off on the firings of the 8 USA’s. There is nothing more to add. thing..the methods for determining who should go and who should stay was made by not looking at their stat’s with regard to their prosecution records..the decisions were made by political people and their loyalty to BushCo. Every single time Sampson tried to toss out a reason for firing one of them..the Senators blew his ass out of the water with facts and figures on their prosecution records.

Its outrageous that the administration is trying to cover this up. All they had to do was say they fired these folks to provide others with a chance to serve the government.

Say it with me now…

Its not the crime..its the cover-up

Alberto is toast..there can’t be any other way to paint this. Plus, Rover and Miers should be made to testify..if only to see how far up the ladder this crap goes.

Amazing..simply friggin amazing.