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IraqSlogger going to pay-per-view

By that I mean as of September 1st, it will become a ‘premium subscription service’. Well, la-dee-fucking-da boyz! Guess your ready for the big time now?

I have been reading IraqSlogger since it’s inception roughly 8 months ago. I get their morning newsletter. No one is better at delivering ALL the Iraq news and issues better than IraqSlogger. They even give us the Iraqi newspapers that do NOT come out in English..meaning they translate them for us on their site. The founder, Eason Jordon was formerly a big time executive for CNN. To read a good writeup about Mr. Jordon and how he kissed BushCo’s ass and drank the Koolaid during the run up to and beginning of the Iraq War as head honcho for CNN, check out this Alternet article.

Evidently, they are getting a rarefied audience which includes mucky-mucks in government both here and abroad. Strike whilst the iron is hot they say, so IraqSlogger the tune of $60 bucks a month to access their site. Per the notice I got this morning:

Based on that, it’s clear a large number of our readers come from the Iraq-focused professional community — diplomats, analysts, policy makers, military personnel, government contractors, humanitarian workers, journalists, and scholars.

Guess I won’t be relying on IraqSlogger for all my Iraq news needs after that date and evidently they don’t need my readership base…we are the small, poor potatoes when it comes to internet readership.

To which I say..piss off you elitist snobs..I hope you fall on your fucking face. Even the elitist periodicals have a certain amount of accessible articles online. Recently the NYT has made the decision to stop charging for access to their ‘premium’ writers online. IraqSlogger is making the entire site a “paid subscription accessible only” site.

And $60 a month? No one is worth that…especially you Eason Jordan, you brown-nosing sumbitch.

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