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General george Casey wants the troop build up NOW

The military man who was running the Iraq War Show for over two years got kicked upstairs to the Army Chief of Staff. Now, I don’t know about you, my dear reader, but I think Casey did a very shitty job running the War.

He has stated to the press and his own ‘people’ that he doesn’t want to wait until 2012 for the Army to expand to 547,000 troops. He wants them NOW. General Casey said the following to a group of military wives:

“We live in a difficult period for the Army because the demand for our forces exceeds the supply.”

This man really has been drinking the KoolAid far too long..because he thinks the American people are as dumb as a box of frigging rocks.This guy has played us long enough my dear reader. He and his ilk need to shut the hell up and sit the fuck down if overstating the obvious is the BEST they can come up with for the love of God. It should also be mentioned that a draft would be required and no where does General Casey use the dredded “D” word when waxing eloquent on the GWOT and what he wants to fight it.

Everyone in America KNOWS we don’t have enough troops to do the Shrub’s bidding and actually protect us and our shores. I am so sick and tired of these guys rehashing the ridiculous talking points of our Decider-inChief and his stupid minions. I want someone in charge who knows what in the blue hell they are doing. I don’t want guys that couldn’t get it right when they actually RAN the war, now sitting on the sidelines kibbutzing like this is a game of Chess. This is NOT a game General Casey and you can not throw more bodies at this horrible mistake and expect to come out on top. Let me tell you why General Casey…

Because you and your ilk don’t know what the hell is going on, you don’t know how the hell to deal with the problems of a modern global society which requires more diplomacy and less warmongering and failed military force. Once war is waged, you don’t even have a clue how fight a war in this century and insist on fighting it like they did in the last century (see WWII).

Your useless in this modern age General Casey and giving you a million troops won’t change the outcome of the mess known as the Iraq War and BushCo’s Global War on Terror. You and your kind started a war you have no idea how to fight which is tantamount to bringing a butter knife to a sword fight.

So sit down and shut up. Go fishing, go play with your grandchildren….just do not spew your bravado and bullshit to the American people. They are sick and tired of your ineptness and they want it to stop NOW.

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