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Nutter U alum, Rep-elect Andy Harris asks: Dude, where is my govt funded healthcare????

Oh this fuckery is rich…indeed it’s almost funny if it wasn’t so hypocritical and disgusting as a double standard. It exposes the rightwing nutters for what they are…ignorant fucks who expect one thing for themselves and a lot less for those they represent in Congress.. From Countdown tonight, a discussion on the whining of newly-elected Rep. Andy Harris from MD’s first district who was down right pissed-the-fuck-off when he found out, during a House orientation meeting that his govt funded healthcare won’t kick in until his fuckwitted, two-faced ass as been in office for at least a month.

Bear in mind this self-serving fuck is actually a Doctor (like Rand Paul), and also completely against the Public Option AND most if not all of the HCR bill passed this year. I am providing the transcript from the Countdown video below for those who have slow internet connections and can not watch the video at the bottom of the post. :

…… there’s the case of the gentlemen from maryland who will join congressman weiner in the house of representatives january. part of republican representative-elect andy harris’ campaign platform was he was four square against health care reform. yesterday during his freshman orientation harris threw a fit receive his government subsidized health insurance. according to politico, harry, who’s a doctor, was incredulous he would be sworn in on january 3rd but because of federal law his government-subsidized health insurance wouldn’t kick in until february. according to a congressional staffer who wrnsed the blowup he asked the two ladies answering questions why if had to take so long, what he would do without 28 days of health care. harris asked if he could purchase insurance from the government to cover the gap. buying health insurance from the government? especially when there’s some sort of gap in your work insurance? hey, congressman-elect, you might be on to something here. you could call it — um, uh — the public option.

Good old Andy Harris said the following during his campaign:

…..this is one place where i disagree with our congressman. he said public option was a good idea. i think it was a terrible idea.

except for him. harris, ousting maryland’s frank cranibil on a one-issue campaign, anti- health care reform insisting there was nothing that otherwised the government to be involved in. it. his health care and his hissy fit. this is the only employer i’ve ever worked for where you don’t get coverage the first day you’re employed, he said. which must be troubling for people in his district who don’t get coverage any days that they’re employed.

>>> let’s turn to msnbc contributor dave wagel.

>> good evening.

>> government health care is evil, i want my government health care right now. is it enough of a tea party microcosm to put up a statue of congressman-elect harris, and if so how tall?

>> whoever leaked this to politico knew what they were doing. this was a live grenade coming at a republican who some republicans were hopeful would become a credible spokesman on health care. and he’s tried to spin this. his latest spin which he told a baltimore station tonight was that he was taking a point about how ironic it is everyone’s required to buy health care because of this health care law but the government employees don’t have it for a month which doesn’t really — the reason people are angry. y?yknow, he — republicans like to put up these guys who have experience in the medical field as spokesmen on this. he canceled an interview with the ” baltimore sun” he scheduled. he dialed this back because it did seem to everyone who wasn’t there, which is all of us, like a tantrum that was hypocritical tantrum.

>> the — the thankfulness that harris should be expressing in here, statistic from the kaiser family foundation. it did an annual survey of employer provided health benefits. 74% of covered workers face a waiting period before coverage is available. the average waiting period is 2.2 months. he’s coming out well in that part of the equation. are there any tea partyers who have put their health insurance where their mouths were during the campaign? has anybody refused, anybody stand up at this meeting and go, this doesn’t apply to me because i have to have principles because i said there’s no government health care, i’m not going to take this?

>> well, no, not really. i mean, congressman weiner was making good points earlier that this wasn’t really vetted in every single campaign. it was — what they were running on was so anti-obama policy, so pro-repeal, that they didn’t really go much further in explaining this. they’re going to try and dismiss this as a gotcha, which it feels like. this is a problem, though, a lot of democrats see with the incoming republicans. they don’t really tie their theory of policy to the way this stuff works. and they claim democrats don’t, but you know, look at unemployment benefits. it’s considered a punch line to republicans that extending unemployment benefits will do anything but make somebody a permanent surf of the state who lives off government benefits. we know that that’s not something that people who have been in a tough time for six or seven months and who need that money believe. in terms of what they want to do on — or what they say we should have done on t.a.r.p. ore things like that. they say everything would have worked out great if we let the banks collapse. things like that. i mean, they ran as populists. a certain kind. they said all these problems are obama’s fault and it’s tougher to defend ? what they believe when real issues come up like this.

>> is there any indication as you described dr.-elect harris here, his reaction to the reaction to this. any suggestion that this has struck him? i was suddenly thinking of the scene from ” citizen cane” where the corrupt politician says to orson welles, this is going it be a lesson to you. does congressman-elect harris have any idea what this meant symbolically to people who have been fighting for health care or health care reform?

>> no. the lesson he’s going to take from it is he shouldn’t trust reporters. this — he — harris, background, ran for congress in 2008 and knocked off an incumbent who was more liberal. gillcrest endorsed the democrat who held the seat. he was a proto-tea partyer. he was one of the guys that ran back in the club for growth, actually and said if you compromise on anything you don’t deserve to be in politics, if you don’t apply this very short litmus test on every issue and vote against things then you’re doing your country a disservice. he’s going to have harder tests than this. come january when they start voting on taxes, when they vote on health care repeal, and when they vote on the debt creoleiling, for example, they’re going to test whether this stuff works. so far he’s had trouble explaining how this blanket policy works in practice.

Ain’t that some shit? This whiny fuck demands his government-funded healthcare NOW, but he would deny the same to millions of Americans if given the chance.  Not to mention that he has no clue that most employers in the US require a waiting period before benefits such as health-care insurance kick in for new employees…which the fucktard Andy Harris is as the Representative-elect for MD’s 1st District. .

Friggin outrageous! He doesn’t even realize how stupid and self-serving he looks/is. Those jackasses that voted this lame-ass into office will get what they deserve hopefully. I pray to Buddha they do.