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Satire and all that screeching I heard Tuesday..

The wonderful and talented Omnipotent Poobah has posted a wonderful response to all the folks going ape-shit over the New Yorker cover with Barack and Michelle Obama. He links to a blog called Ice Station Tango, who has the following cartoon by David Horsey up:

You folks that have your friggin panties in a wad need to lighten the hell up. Its not the end of the friggin world..and frankly..anyone that still believes that Obama is a damn Muslim wouldn’t vote for him if he was the last candidate on Planet Earth for the job of El Presidente of the United States. Seriously..they wouldn’t.

I don’t give a shit if McCain said it was wrong and Obama said it as well. Its there for one sell magazines and get tongues wagging! Ok, that’s two reasons..

Anyway, it did just that. All day Tuesday I saw post after post about how horrible and despicable the cover was..the left and all the Obamanistas were just coming un-fucking glued over it.

All you folks did was hype it even more. You realize that don’t you?

Freedom of Speech and freedom of the Press..two things all progressives believe in, unless of course their candidate is the butt of the joke..then all bets are off evidently.

Another thing it might have done…draw attention to all the bullshit being spread around these here internets and of course Fox Noise, about Obama and his wife and how absolutely ridiculous it all is. Because it actually got people talking about the bullshit..Did you once ever think of that angle?

Probably were too fucking busy yelling and canceling your subscriptions to the New Yorker. Christ I hate this election..I really fucking do. If I don’t have a fucking stroke before November it will be a damn miracle.

Every single progressive/lefty that I know will chuckle and laugh at all the photoshops of Bush, Cheney, McCain and every other damn neocon we all hate with a passion. So wtf is so different about the New Yorker cover? Sure, its on the front of a major magazine..but its the same damn thing. A piece of Poobies post:

The much-excoriated New Yorker cover is no more over the top than a thousand other satirical cartoons produced by the left and right. Satire, especially political satire, always goes for the gut. By its nature, it’s a knife fight of dueling typewriters and cartoonists’ pens. It’s often over the top and vicious and it’s supposed to be. If it wasn’t, it would be a wonkish, stuffy policy discussion – boring as hell and not nearly as stress-relieving as a good belly laugh.

Political cartoons – especially good ones – often reveal a truth. In this case, a truth about those who cry over spilt cartoonists’ ink with claims the cartoon will bring about a sure victory for Yertle the Turtle McCain and the simultaneous collapse of Western civilization.

Now get out there and find something to really bitch about ok?