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A view of the carnage from the sky.

The blog is located here, it’s called the BP Slick. Its the gentleman that was on KO’s show tonight. It will possibly make you ill and perhaps cry….it did that to me.

Then, it made me incredibly angry. Oh, how I would love to see some of the exec’s from BP in a dark alley…they lie and obsfucate their fucking asses off about the toll their screwup has caused. But they have no problem putting out press releases on how much money they have spent so far on fixing their fuckup.

Once again, BP fails at containment.

These fuckers couldn’t touch their asses with both hands, I swear to Buddha. Why are there score’s of professors and other technical types blasting BP for their so-called methods whilst very few actually touting their pathetic attempts?

Now the fuckers are saying it’s all gonna keep pouring out of their hole in the ocean floor until August.

Oh, and Carol Browner…Obama’s shill says and I quote: “American people need to know that it is possible we will have oil leaking from this well until August when the relief wells will be finished,” (emphasis mine)

A leak is a slow, irritating thing you friggin jackass. This shit is pouring out to the tune of millions of gallons a day.

Next, the health risks associated with working in and around BP’s disgusting chemicals. From WaPo:

“There’s no way you can be working in that toxic soup without getting exposures,” Hugh Kaufman, a senior policy analyst at the EPA’s office of solid waste and emergency response, said during an interview Thursday. He likened the response to previous toxic waste disasters and the World Trade Center cleanup, which left workers with long-term respiratory problems despite repeated official claims that workers did not need respirators because the working conditions were safe. “It’s unbelievable what’s going on. It’s like deja vu all over again,” he said.

The situation is being complicated by weather conditions, which include severe heat and humidity. That can cause symptoms similar to those triggered by some of the chemicals workers may be exposed to.

Assessing the health risks is also difficult because of several unknowns, including a lack of information about the makeup of chemicals being used to disperse the oil and how those substances might affect the toxicity of the oil, several experts said.

The most worrisome chemicals are volatile organic compounds, such as benzene, which can cause cancer at high levels and in long exposures. But those and other substances in the oil can cause acute symptoms including severe skin irritation, headaches, dizziness, nausea and burning eyes, as well as breathing problems and neurological complications including memory problems, confusion and disorientation.

Most acute symptoms from the chemical exposure disappear after the exposure ends, but long-term complications can occur. Some fishermen involved in cleaning up the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska suffered long-lasting neurological problems.

Ain’t that some shit? I’m telling ya…it’s fucking criminal sportsfans.