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Honor the Consciences of Our Veterans

Yesterday a 24 year old soldier, Corporal Brett Land was buried here in his hometown of Bakersfield. His life ended in the hell hole called Afghanistan. He was a wrestler in high school. He had people here who loved him. But he is just another statistic in our endless warmongering. From the local news link above:

Land graduated from Bakersfield High School in 2005. He joined the army three years later. While Land was in the service, he met his wife Sarah. They have a newborn daughter Rileigh, but Land never got to hold her in his arms. She was born three weeks before he was killed.

Someone tell me what the fuck is Happy about that????
I find nothing Happy about Veterans Day when we still have thousands of our citizens fighting and dying for a corrupt Afghan government and yes I am talking to you President Obama when I say check out the graphic below the video, courtesy of  Dark Wraith. . Video From BraveNewFoundation:

This isn’t a Happy day, its a Solemn day, its a day to think about all those young lives snuffed out like a match stick or soldiers that will forever suffer from their injuries, including PTSD, in our forever wars that have nothing to do with freedom..Iraq and Afghanistan are about power and domination. This is how this anti-war person sees Veterans Day as long as even one of our soldiers is still in Iraq or Afghanistan:

Brave New Films-Meet the Bloggers

Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films/Foundation has a new project entitled “Meet the Bloggers“. It’s an online program wherein they interview interesting and important figures within the Blogosphere. This Friday, August 22nd is a show featuring Michael Moore. Also on the show will be David Sirota whom I adore, Cheryl Contee who is the Jill from Jack and Jill Politics and associate editor Liliana Segura of fame.

To check out their past shows, click here. I think this show will be a good one and Moore is scheduled to be on their next two shows as his plate is always quite full of important issues. From their website, in case your not familiar with this program:

Meet the Bloggers is a live online video show created by Brave New Foundation which is broadcast online every Friday focusing on unconventional political opinion and analysis. Affiliate blogs include The Huffington Post, Think Progress, Alternet, Jack & Jill Politics and Of América. When not live, shows will be made available on-demand on, as well as iTunes, and RSS Feeds. In addition to its web distribution, Meet The Bloggers will be televised on FreeSpeechTV and Link TV.

Greenwald and the folks at Brave New Foundation always educate and inform, we the people. They do this based only on donations. Their goals: Championing social justice issues by using media to inspire, empower, motivate and teach civic participation that makes a difference.~And I believe they do make a difference. Check out the Foundation and the show ok?

We can never stop learning or participating, and the BNF gives us the information and tools to speak truth to power.

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