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Lady Justice got the shaft today..

Today the highest court in the land shit on the first amendment once regarding students, and then turned around and allowed swiftboaters to continue to do their dirty work.

Explain those two rulings to me and how they don’t contradict each other someone, anyone. In fact, explain the four rulings to me this article in WaPo points out..the fucking neocons went 4 for 4 today using baseball lingo. That means they won all four cases.

Bastards can thank George Bush for setting up the Supreme just the way they like it…Alito, Roberts and the other two bible-thumping neocons gave the green light to BushCo’s ‘faith-based’ funding bs as well.

It was a crappy day overall for Lady Justice. Something tells me she is going out and getting drunk tonight. I wouldn’t blame her if she did. Bush has stacked the Supreme Court for what looks like decades to come, judging by the ages of Roberts, Alito and company. Only the liberals are old..and that ain’t good my dear reader.

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