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David Sirota on last nights debate..

David was on CNBC this morning, discussing last nights debate with a Hillary supporter. He also has a post up at HuffPo about his pov here.

On the Democratic Debate last night..

It was cordial, informative and interesting. I was looking forward to it as I have none of the 17 others so far in this silly season. They spent a lot of time on issues that are important to me and the rest of the United States..starting with health care.

John Edwards was the first Democratic candidate to give us his plan on healthcare. As one of the 47 million without health insurance..this is probably the most important issue to me, outside the Iraq War and the Economy of course.

I hate to admit it, but Hillary seems to have the best plan of the two candidates. This puts me in a quandary….

Would I be able to hold my nose and cast a vote for her next Tuesday? Could I actually do that? I have steadfastly refused to consider voting for sHillary. I have stated it from day one.

I am not a one-issue voter. I have, in the past, supported candidates that held different views on specific issues because their basic platform was a good one and for that blessed of all reasons..for the good of the country as a whole.

Now..I just don’t know..I have to figure it out soon however, because Tuesday is right around the corner. Jesus, I hate being conflicted….

Edwards beat Hillary in the debate…

He stood his ground..Hillary looked like a Rethug light candidate..

Its my pov after watching the debate..he needed to attack her….and he did it..

“Your take”?

The Debates..I watched, I laughed I cried..ok..I didn’t cry..

But I enjoyed the whole show..and I mean was a dog and pony show of sorts.

I really didn’t know who in the blue hell Gravel was before tonight…but the man is passionate, ya got to give him that.

Obama sounded canned. Hillary sounded prepared and seems to have the ability to fly by the seat of her so much.

Kucinich..I love that man..but he will never be more than a rudder for the liberals and Dems in general. He did rip Obama a new one..touche’ Dennis!

Biden..o hell..what can you say about him?

Richardson..he wooed me on some topics..pissed me off on others..’t really impress me.

Edwards..he ran true to form for me..he loves to tell stories evidently.

I didn’t really learn much about where they stand on some most politicians they talked around some of the questions when they didn’t want to give a straight answer. did you, my dear, reader think of it? Newsweek has a roundup here. And they seem to share my view that this was a show of Obama’s lack of substance and Dennis’ pitbull run on him, as well as Gravel’s calling him out.