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Al Gore to speak tonight at Mile High, cost of moving venue to stadium tops 6 million.

Gore will be a featured speaker tonight at Invesco Field, along with Howie Dean.

As for the Big O’s acceptance speech, according to the NYT, he studied the acceptance speeches of Bill Clinton, Ronnie Reagan and of course JFK. The moving of the venue will cost someone or some group roughly Six Million. From the NYT writeup:

When a close circle of his top advisers presented Mr. Obama with $6 million plans to move his acceptance speech to the football stadium in early July, the candidate asked one question, said Anita Dunn, a senior strategist: “Will it rain?” The campaign produced a raft of meteorological data showing it had rained on Aug. 28 only once in 20 years. (Aides were alarmed, however, to arrive in Denver on Sunday to news of a nearby tornado. The weather reporters were predicting clear skies for Thursday night’s address.)

Six million would pay a lot of bills for folks hit hard by the outrageous price of gas in my humble, yet vocal opinion. It would help thousands of homeless veterans get their lives back on track too.

But the pomp and circumstance of the event is important to the Democratic leaders I guess..

On a side note, I am out of town and have had limited access to a computer…that will all change tomorrow thank Buddha. 😉

Will Gore take part in civil disobedience?

From Alternet we get this article about Al Gore possibly considering a civil disobedience protest:

Rainforest Action Network issued the invitation to the former U.S. vice president, according to RAN executive director Michael Brune. The San Francisco-based group has a twenty year history of protesting against destructive logging practices and other causes of climate change; it specializes in targeting corporations as much as governments.


Gore’s office confirmed that the former vice president had received RAN’s invitation and was considering it, though no decision has been made. “He has not accepted any of their offers to date,” Kalee Kreider, a spokeswoman for Gore, said of the RAN offer. Kreider did not deny that this phrasing leaves open the possibility of Gore saying yes down the road.

I would have SO much more respect for Al Gore if he participates. I already support his cause of global warming..but other than that, he is a big fan of the corporatocracy, just like all the Rethugs, Hillary and most of the Democratic Candidates.

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Gores Live Earth world wide concerts 7-7-7

You can watch on various tv channels OR you can watch them all online here.

Historian Arthur Schlesinger has died.

He was 89 and suffered a heart attack, his son reported. He was a Pulitzer Prize winning author/historian. MSNBC has a fine piece up about him, a short blurb of it here:

Among the most famous historians of his time, Schlesinger was widely respected as learned and readable, with a panoramic vision of American culture and politics. He received a National Book Award for “Robert Kennedy and His Times” and both a National Book Award and a Pulitzer for “A Thousand Days,” his memoir/chronicle of President Kennedy’s administration. He also won a Pulitzer, in 1946, for “The Age of Jackson,” his landmark chronicle of Andrew Jackson’s administration.

Mr. Schlesinger was one of the good guys. He helped define that word which causes contempt and hatred among the rightwingers…LIBERALISM.

Rest in Peace kind sir.

Yesterday I did an indepth piece on what Al Gore has done since he left politics..Gore didn’t sit on his ass my dear reader. You would be amazed at what he has done. If your unfamiliar with his accomplishments, please check out my piece over at The Blue Republic here. Gore has created opportunities, companies and PAC’s. Unlike the average pol who leaves office and sits his laurels on a board or two, Al has been busy generating good works.

The back is trashed. The weather has been cold and rainy here..doesn’t help my personal situation, so forgive my brevity here, I have been sleeping alot..back doesn’t hurt as much when I am doped up and sleeping don’t ya know…

Al Gore and the rights smear campaign

Bright and early monday morning, A rightwing think tank in TN, TCPR.. issued a press release that stated Al Gore is a hypocrite, among other things. They put out what is supposed to be his annual energy bill for his house in TN. They did NOT get anything right other than the dollar value of his energy bill.

ThinkProgress released Gore’s reponse to this bs here. Let me save you the trouble of clicking the link:

1) Gore’s family has taken numerous steps to reduce the carbon footprint of their private residence, including signing up for 100 percent green power through Green Power Switch, installing solar panels, and using compact fluorescent bulbs and other energy saving technology.

2) Gore has had a consistent position of purchasing carbon offsets to offset the family’s carbon footprint — a concept the right-wing fails to understand. Gore’s office explains:

What Mr. Gore has asked is that every family calculate their carbon footprint and try to reduce it as much as possible. Once they have done so, he then advocates that they purchase offsets, as the Gore’s do, to bring their footprint down to zero.

At least the man reduces his ‘footprint’. I am sure most people do not go to the extreme of purchasing ‘offsets’ to negate their energy usage.

Someone needs to hold the rightwing nutjobs accountable for how many offsets THEY purchase to reduce their energy footprint. I would bet the number is barely above a drop in the proverbial bucket my dear reader. Then we will see who the hypocrites really are.

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