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The firestorms..1 million displaced..

They are still burning..people are still living in places they shouldn’t have to. But my sister is back in her home, my dad is cranky but safe and my asthmatic sister is staying with a friend until the air quality cleans up a bit. This article blames the drought and global warming for the severity of the wildfires. I don’t know about all that..but I do know they seem to get worse each time, being a native Californian..I have seen far too many of these bastards.

Almost a million people have been displaced in SoCal. Over a thousand homes and businesses have been lost. They are saying almost 20% of San Diego’s population has been displaced.

But Michael Chertoff had to make a guest appearance in San Diego. Thank God FEMA or Homeland Security wasn’t involved in the evacuations..who knows wtf would of happened.

Its all been pretty orderly. San Diego County actually had to issue a press release that they had enough supplies that were donated and for folks to check the other evac centers to see what they needed if they were in the giving spirit.

Fucking awesome how people pull together in times like these ain’t it? Oh..guess what..

Bush is going to make an appearance San Diego..Happy happy joy joy on that tid bit eh?

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Who will replace Gonzo??

Since Congress is still on ‘vacation’, and I use that word loosely, we can amuse ourselves by trying to second guess who the Decider-in-Chief will pick to be the next AG of our fair nation. First however, enjoy looking at a copy of Abu Gonzales resignation letter.

The name of Michael Chertoff has been bandied about. God save us if this asshat gets the nomination. He’s about as useful as tits on a bullfrog in my humble opinion. All you have to do is link Mikie with Katrina for the love of Pete..also his job as part of the Whitewater prosecution team, that was a fruitful job no? Yes, Mikie was a damn judge and assistant AG..bfd..the man couldn’t deal with an emergency if his life depended on it, just ask the folks in the Gulf region..But lets run with this just for a moment my dear reader..

Ok..Chertoff in..who takes over Homeland security? OMG..not Clay Johnson! That bag of batshit has as much experience as I do when it comes to a background on running the nations security and dealing with experience in the many responsibilities of the department, including immigration, air travel security, disaster response, and other aspects of our nation’s homeland defense. Nope..but he does have a Bush Doll on his desk in his office AND he is one of Bush’s oldest friends..from prep school no less my dear reader. I am sure that trumps anything anyone else in the Western Hemisphere has for the job of keeping us safe from terrorists.

LMAO..that will get him the job post haste..I swear to god it will..because all Bush really wants is a LOYAL BUSHIE.

Fuck it whether any of these guys are good for either of those jobs..all that matter is they love Georgie and they are big FANS of BushCo.

I call bullshit on this crap right now..but I doubt anyone will listen.

Oh, and Bush’s little speech-i-fying about how Gonzo’s good name was drug through the dirt? Give me a fucking break you asshole..Abu Gonzales was your best bud and ally..he singlehandedly allowed torture and put the Constitution at risk of disappearing by telling you wiretapping Americans was a good thing and legal. Read it and weep my dear reader:

“It’s sad that we live in a time that a talented and honorable person like Alberto Gonzales is impeding [sic] from doing important work because his good name was dragged through the mud for political purpose

Oh fuck you Georgie..the man was his own worst enemy..and your best enabler. He is gone..suck it up and deal you fuckwit.

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