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Our F*ckwit of the week.

George Will gets this weeks honors. I do share a love of baseball with that jackass…but that is it. From Crooks & Liars:

George Will claims that there is no defense of BP and their terrible safety record and says of course no one wants to make apologies for them when asked about Joe Barton’s remarks during the Congressional hearings last week. Then naturally he proceeds to play water carrier for the company and slams the Obama administration for getting them to set up the escrow fund, comparing it to something akin to Hugo Chavez nationalizing the oil industry in Venezuela.

TAPPER: George, I want to start with you. I know you don’t agree with what Republican Texas Congressman Joe Barton had to say, but does the idea of this $20 billion escrow account make you uncomfortable?
WILL: It does. Look, there is no defense of BP which has an execrable safety record in this country, from the refinery disaster in Texas in ’05, the Morris Slope leak in ’06, all of that and so no apology from BP. But if you don’t want to live in a Northern Hemisphere Venezuela, you ought to be a little queasy about the fact that a president, any president of any party, using raw political power, without recourse to courts that exist for this sort of thing, under laws, with due process, essentially confiscates $20 billion from a publicly held corporation, about half of its shares held by Americans, to be dispensed, again, with out judicial supervision, as the political branch sees fit. That is worrisome. Even, they have even said that BP maybe held responsible for the lost wages caused by, not BP, but the administration’s own moratorium, six-months moratorium, on deepwater drilling. Which maybe more costly to the economy of the Gulf than the spill itself.

Later in the segment Will quotes Shakespeare and compares the President to Caesar and then reads from an article in The Economist which blasts Obama as being “Vladimir Obama”.

TAPPER: Rahm Emanuel seemed to really seize on those Barton comments almost as if President Obama were on the ballot this year, for the 2010 midterms, running against Joe Barton. Democrats argue that Barton’s comments are not really out of Republican mainstream. And here are some comments from the Republican Study Committee, in the House; 114 members of the Republican Party in the House saying: “BP’s reported willingness to go along with the White House’s new fund suggests that the Obama administration is hard at work exerting its brand of Chicago-style shakedown politics. These actions are emblematic of a politicization of our economy that has been born out of this administration’s drive for greater power and control.” George, it seems like mainstream Republican thought, if that is from the Republican Study Committee?

WILL: Well, among those asking, upon what meat doeth our Caesar feed that he has grown so great?, is “The Economist” of London, which I think we have all accept as a mainstream publication. They say, in a section of their lead editorial, called “Vladimir Obama”, “The collapse of BP’s share prices suggest he has convinced the markets that he is an American version of Vladimir Putin, willing to harry firms into doing his bidding. If the president does not stand up for due process he will frighten investors across the board. The damage to Americans environment is bad enough, the president risks damaging the economy, too.” That’s not a partisan outfit, “The Economist”.

Christ, give me an effin break you worthless corporate-loving stooge.  These sumbitches will stop at nothing when it comes to going after Obama with baseless, political fuckery.

You think Georgie has BP stock? God, I hope so…I really do.

Of course Joe Barton shares in this award…him and his 1.2 million bucks in oil company money he has taken.

When nutters attack!!!!

The post below this one contains the ravings of two nutters from the extreme right. They really went off the deep end and it was comical to say the least. Don’t feed/respond to them as it will only encourage them to spew more skewed horseshit all over my humble little blog.

But let’s allow them their justifications/delusions…onward and upward! Rachel’s piece on the Rethugs who loved the mandate before they hated it:

The mandate is nothing more than corporate welfare for the insurance corporations. Oh, the Steve King video below is priceless! A blurb from the C&L piece:

Things aren’t looking too good for the Republican Party’s messaging machine when a Republican law maker is having to run away from Dana Bash of all people and even former Rudy Giuliani staffer and Wingnut false equivalency king John Avalon is admitting Sarah Palin is inciting violence given the real threats to members of Congress this week.

Chickenshit nutters can bitch about Bill Ayers all they least the Weather Underground warned, via the press, before they bombed a building during a war that killed thousands and thousands of American’s for nothing. All the Dem’s did this week was pass a bill.

He can’t get away from her fast enough, can he?

Teabaggers hit a new low in DC

From C&L’s video site:

 Even by Tea Party standards this one seems pretty low. Report by Dave Harding at Progress Ohio.

Video shot by the Columbus Dispatch from today’s Honk and Wave in Support of Health Care at Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy’s district office contains a segment wherein the teabaggers mock and scorn an apparent Parkinsen’s victim telling him “he’s in the wrong end of town to ask for handouts”, calling him a communist and throwing money at him to “pay for his health care”.
The segment starts at 51 seconds into the video.

Video and report from the Columbus Dispatch. Here’s a sampling of Teabagger “logic”:

“I don’t see anyone laying in the street dying. We provide care for everyone,” said Janet Popa, 61, of Upper Arlington.

“No one is turned away,” said her friend, Ruth Phelps, 50, of Upper Arlington.

The women and others noted that hospitals cannot deny care to those who show up at emergency rooms.

Supporters dismissed concerns about cost and expanding the role of government.

“If we can find the money to kill people in wars, we can pay for this,” said a Republican business owner from Westerville who declined to give her name.

“We are paying anyway (with charity care for the uninsured).”

There are some seriously sick fucks at that…cough..rally.

Cheney, Rove, Palin, Gingrich: In Bakersfield at the same conference

I have been keeping an eye on the speakers lineup for the annual neocon lovefest here in Bakersfield, called interestingly enough: Bakersfield Business Conference. There has been one regularly for decades. It’s put on by the largest business law practice in this part of the state and possibly state wide. Borton Petrini.

Full disclosure: I worked for the firm for a very short time. As in 85 days. We didn’t ‘blend’ well which means it was far too rightwing nutter for me.

And they weren’t fond of me either. But I digress…the list of neocons that will be speaking there is like a who’s who of the entire fucking group of well-known rightwing nutters:

Newt Gingrich
Mitt Romney
The Big Dick Cheney™
Lynne Cheney
Laura Bush
Rudy 911 Giuliani
Eleanor Clift
Rove..yes that Karl Rove

And they are adding to the list weekly.  Laura fucking Bush?? WTF is that about?

And some of you actually didn’t believe me when I said in live in the reddest part of California. tsk..tsk..tsk. Now if only the planets would align on that day and the biggest bolt of lightening ever seen hits that fucking building. That these ‘leaders’ of the extreme right will all speak in my little burgh..well, it just shocks the shit out of me. Lotsa money here in nutter-ville..wouldn’t you say?