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A week from today….

I will be driving to Billings Montana with my youngest sister. She is moving there with her dog Amadeus. I am going along in case the weather gets bad, as she hasn’t driven in snow much during her life. Plus, I just don’t want her driving by herself.

Billings is the largest city in Max Baucusland. It has a population of 100,000 . I have never been to Montana, so I look forward to this trip. I will be flying home on some airline I have never heard of and hopefully it’s not using propeller-driven planes. I am not a big fan of cramped, prop planes.

So, is anyone familiar with the area? I will be there for about four days and obviously will need something to do as my sis’s furniture won’t arrive until day three. No tv, no nothing. Motel living at it’s best..complete with free wifi! Yellowstone National Park isn’t really close enough to take in on this trip. Bummer…