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A little Joe Bonamassa for the New Year

The song is classic blues BURNING HELL..

its what I wish for the Shrub and his minions when they meet their maker.

Everyone of my dear readers..have a safe New Years Eve..

We have hit a deaths of American Soldiers

Of course its not a benchmark to be proud of and according to Tony Snowjob,its just a number.

But its a big number..and when you add to it the number of wounded and permanently injured soldiers..

Its a outrage that we are even considering sending more troops into Iraq.

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Almost at the 3k mark, protests planned and the Pentagon wants Billions o Bucks

Damn..all this on a Saturday? I am trying to busy myself with reading. My back is killing me with the temperature at 40 freaking degrees at high noon here. The dampness doesn’t help. So whilst I listen to the Metropolitan Opera, I read..

Pentagon to Request Billions More in War Money

Oh man, that just jacked my jaw…Sure that will be enough? How do you plan to fund this expenditure?

Bombings killed at least 68 people in Iraq. Just another day in the War on Terror, right? God, when I was watching the sunrise in Baghdad last night..the talking head said he didn’t know if people were shooting off guns to celebrate Saddam’s demise or just the usual sectarian is wrong w/this picture?

But this one gave me hope that people are still pissed off enough to get out and bitch: U.S. death toll in Iraq seen spurring anti-war protests. I don’t know if I will make this one, but I hope I will. I have to see what’s happening where and how close..long trip ain’t in the cards right now.

I might switch to some blues after today’s headlines..but right now “The Magic Flute” sounds good.

Year end Videos from PeaceTrain and TBR

These are two very good sites you might wish to visit whilst you wander the internets. Glenda and Dude run PeaceTrain and The Blue Republic respectively. Both videos are excellent and I would appreciate all three of my readers watching them…ok, all four of you.

Saddam will be hung by Sunday

Seems the Iraqi’s are in a big hurry for Saddam to meet his maker, plus they don’t want to ruin their upcoming religious celebration. Updated article on MSNBC here.

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