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Enough politics already!!!

I bought a treadmill today. Yes, my tired ol ass is going to attempt to drop all the weight I have gained since I blew out my back two plus years ago.

It was on favorite phrase. Sadly, its not the favorite phrase of the ball and chain. He is not happy with me right now. He says I will not use the treadmill for two months and no matter how good the damn sale was, it was a waste of money.

He is such the killjoy. I will now bust my ass to prove him wrong. It gets delivered next Tuesday and its interest-free for a whole year!!!! I already discussed this purchase with my Orthopedic Doc and he agrees as long as I don’t overdo it, its a good thing for moi.

Next man Smokin’ Joe Bonamassa has a new live album coming out mid-August! This is a must have for anyone that loves the blues or just enjoys a great guitar aficionado like Joe B. I have the link to purchase his album on the sidebar, over there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Check it shipping!!!! Just to pique your interest if your not familiar with Smokin’ Joe..I will leave you with one of my favorites below, Burning Hell ( also on the live album). Enjoy!