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It came from the office of the V.P.

Dick Cheney is probably the biggest bag of batshit in the Republican party, without a doubt. The former Vice President will not shut his piehole and folks inside the Rethug party are freaking out over his grandstanding bullshittery..but they are doing it silently..not publicly. A poll of GOP insiders just released by the National Journal shows that 57% of those folks are pissed the fuck off and say The Big Dick Cheney™ (TBDC) has hurt the Party Of No.
From the rightwing blogosphere comes totally different set of polling numbers on whether TBDC has fucked them without kissing them first, also from the National Journal. Seventeen rightwing bloggers were polled about what impact Cheney has had, helping or hurting the party, and its pretty friggin freaky if you ask me:
I do not ‘get’ how the numbers can be so opposite of one another. Both groups are party faithful and yet the stunning differences are, well, stunning.

A few quotes from the GOP insiders on how Cheney has screwed the pooch for them:

“Cheney has emerged as the GOP’s most visible spokesman. And you’re more likely to find WMDs in Iraq than independent voters who like the former vice president.”

“As the Republicans try to move beyond the political disaster of the Bush years, Dick Cheney is a surreal public presence that is hurting Republicans very badly.”

“Cheney’s comments about [Colin] Powell versus [Rush] Limbaugh will drive moderate voters even further from the party. Republicans need these voters and spokesmen that will attract them.”

“Cheney’s disapproval rating is 60 percent: He’s so unpopular that he probably couldn’t get a gig on an infomercial. He’s certainly not the right guy to become the face of a revived and repositioned Republican Party.”

“Cheney’s continued presence on the stage makes it harder for the Republicans to turn the page after Bush. And he sucks up all the oxygen in the room.”

“No-brainer: The guy opens his mouth, and he creates problems for the Republicans. They so want the Bush era to slide into history.”

Now, a few quotes from the rightwing bloggers on how Cheney helped the Party Of No:

“Dick Cheney has continued to articulate a coherent conservative vision. Those who loathe him will ignore or ridicule him regardless, but those who are neutral towards, or even like, the man, must appreciate his willingness to speak up.” Bookworm, Bookworm Room

“Dick Cheney has helped the country, immaterial of politics — just as he did as vice president. People who demonize him might just want to reflect that this is someone who could easily have retired in comfort a long time ago — and instead chose to serve the country, something that arguably took years off his life.” Robert Miller, JoshuaPundit

“Dick Cheney calls ’em as he sees ’em. The world needs more men like Dick Cheney.” Doug Lambert, GraniteGrok

Seriously, these rightwing bloggers just crack me the hell up! Loyal to the core those fuckers are!

And then, there is the fucktard known as Mary Matalin. Her pov on TBDC running his yap is priceless. From a WaPo writeup on whether Cheny helps or hurt the Party of No:

“If Barack Obama had come in and done what he said he was going to do and look at the stuff and see what is working, then Cheney would have continued to do what he was doing — working on memoirs, finishing his house,” she said. “He’s got a good life. He’s got stuff going on. He doesn’t care about being on TV. There’s no more politics there. He’s not settling any scores. He just wants people to understand.”

Matalin needs to sit down and shut the hell up too if she truely values the GOP. Over 60% of American’s dislike, if not downright hate, Cheney. She can not ignore that little tidbit of knowledge, or if she’s her funeral..or rather..the Rethugs funeral in 2012.

Taylor Marsh was polled by the National Journal on this question as well. He however is a lefty and I like his take on TBDC and how the bastard can politicize anything, including the issue of torture:

“Dems should be aware that Cheney has succeeded in politicizing torture. However, his real goal was drawing a line when he believes America became ‘less safe,’ which began under a Democratic president. It’s his cynical calculation that when we are hit, he can remind people that it’s Obama’s fault; he’s hoping for a new chapter in the right-wing ‘Dems are soft on national security’ talking point. Too bad you can’t ignore Bush-Cheney policies, including torture, which got us where we are today.”

The fact that people are taking sides on the issue of torture based on politics is scary indeed. My hope is that as long as The Big Dick Cheney™ keeps talking, the more Americans will distance themselves from the republican party and marginalize the mutha fuckas.

My final thought goes along with the next graphic, filched from The White Weasel on deviantart:
And I really want us all to remember the following line from Cheney the chickenhawk, thanks to 3rdtech also at Deviantart:

May Cheney spend eternity in hell with the rest of his disgusting friends. He can’t get there soon enough for me however, because when it’s all said and done…we must remember the demand to waterboard KSM came from the Office of the Vice President:

*Two U.S. intelligence officers confirm that Vice President Cheney’s office suggested waterboarding an Iraqi prisoner, a former intelligence official for Saddam Hussein, who was suspected to have knowledge of a Saddam-al Qaeda connection.

*The former chief of the Iraq Survey Group, Charles Duelfer, in charge of interrogations, tells The Daily Beast that he considered the request reprehensible.

*Much of the information in the report of the 9/11 Commission was provided through more than 30 sessions of torture of detainees.

Where in the blue hell is that Special Prosecutor Mr Holder???? Cheney’s ticker ain’t gonna keep pumping forever dude…

Cheney pushed for wiretapping.

This isn’t a surprise right? The Big Dick Cheney was behind the wiretapping program. From WaPo:

By Dan EggenWashington Post Staff WriterThursday, June 7, 2007

Vice President Cheney told Justice Department officials that he disagreed with their objections to a secret surveillance program during a high-level White House meeting in March 2004, a former senior Justice official told senators yesterday.
The meeting came one day before White House officials tried to get approval for the same program from then-Attorney General John D. Ashcroft, who lay recovering from surgery in a hospital, according to former deputy attorney general James B. Comey.

Cheney allegedly disagreed with Justice officials on the legality of surveillance.
Comey’s disclosures, made in response to written questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee, indicate that Cheney and his aides were more closely involved than previously known in a fierce internal battle over the legality of the warrantless surveillance program. The program allowed the National Security Agency to monitor phone calls and e-mails between the United States and overseas.
Comey said that Cheney’s office later blocked the promotion of a senior Justice Department lawyer, Patrick Philbin, because of his role in raising concerns about the surveillance.
The disclosures also provide further details about the role played by then-White House counsel Alberto R. Gonzales. He visited Ashcroft in his hospital room and wrote an internal memorandum on the surveillance program shortly afterward, according to Comey’s responses. Gonzales is now the attorney general. He faces possible congressional votes of no-confidence because of his handling of the firings of nine U.S. attorneys last year.
“How are you, General?” Gonzales asked Ashcroft at the hospital, according to Comey.
“Not well,” replied Ashcroft, who had just undergone gallbladder surgery and was battling pancreatitis.
The new details follow Comey’s gripping testimony last month about the visit by Gonzales and Andrew H. Card Jr., then President Bush’s chief of staff, to Ashcroft’s hospital bed on the night of March 10, 2004. The two Bush aides tried to persuade Ashcroft to renew the authorization of the NSA surveillance program, after Comey and other Justice Department officials had said they would not certify the legality of the effort, according to the testimony and other officials.
Ashcroft refused, noting that Comey had been designated as acting attorney general during his illness.
The episode prompted sharp criticism from Democrats and some Republicans, who questioned whether Gonzales and Card were attempting to take advantage of a sick man to get around legal objections from government lawyers. It is unclear who directed the two Bush aides to make the visit.
Democrats said yesterday that the new details from Comey raise further questions about the role of Cheney and other White House officials in the episode.
“Mr. Comey has confirmed what we suspected for a while — that White House hands guided Justice Department business,” said Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.). “The vice president’s fingerprints are all over the effort to strong-arm Justice on the NSA program, and the obvious next question is: Exactly what role did the president play?”

For the rest of the article, click here.

More on Big Dick Cheney’s world tour and his words from 1991

Dickie took a spin through Pakistan today..He took the time to tell them that our Congress will cut off Pakistan’s funding if they don’t clean up their act.

I found this fairly amusing in light of our Congress threatening to do the same to Bush’s War in Iraq. Cheney’s response then was:

“Bullshit”. Or something close to that. I don’t recall his exact response..perhaps he told them to go fuck of his favorite retorts for individuals that lean Democratic and give him a hard time.

The fine folks over at the Carpetbagger Report have a lovely piece up about Big Dick. It reminds us of his words back in 1991. Lets travel back in history, shall we, via Carpetbagger:

In a 1991 speech, Cheney delivered a rather defensive speech on the subject, noting the intense sectarian rivalries that dominate Iraqi society and the likely inability to maintain stability in Baghdad. As for replacing Saddam with a democracy, Cheney asked his audience, “How much credibility is that government going to have if it’s set up by the United States military when it’s there? How long does the United States military have to stay to protect the people that sign on for the government, and what happens to it once we leave?”

Cheney also said:

“The notion that we ought to now go to Baghdad and somehow take control of the country strikes me as an extremely serious one in terms of what we’d have to do once we got there. You’d probably have to put some new government in place. It’s not clear what kind of government that would be, how long you’d have to stay. For the U.S. to get involved militarily in determining the outcome of the struggle over who’s going to govern in Iraq strikes me as a classic definition of a quagmire.”

Now, ABC News’ Jonathan Karl has an interview up with the Big Dick from last week and he actually asked our Vice President about his statements from ’91. This is rich is..

Karl: Back in 1991, you talked about how military action in Iraq would be the classic definition of a quagmire. Have you been disturbed to see how right you were? Or people certainly said that you were exactly on target in your analysis back in 1991 of what would happen if the U.S. tried to go in —

Cheney: Well, I stand by what I said in ’91. But look what’s happened since then — we had 9/11. We’ve found ourselves in a situation where what was going on in that part of the globe and the growth and development of the extremists, the al Qaeda types that are prepared to strike the United States demonstrated that we weren’t safe and secure behind our own borders. We weren’t in Iraq when we got hit on 9/11. But we got hit in ’93 at the World Trade Center, in ’96 at Khobar Towers, or ’98 in the East Africa embassy bombings, 2000, the USS Cole. And of course, finally 9/11 right here at home. They continued to hit us because we didn’t respond effectively, because they believed we were weak. They believed if they killed enough Americans, they could change our policy because they did on a number of occasions. That day has passed. That all ended with 9/11.

For the love of GOD..Big Dick once again..and true to form uses 9/11 as justification for going into Iraq. Invoking 9/11 is the fall back for our current administration when all else fails. These fuckwits can’t make sense so they attempt to baffle us with their bullshit. Not to mention..

How is Big Dick ‘standing by his statement’ he made in ’91 which contradicts everything BushCo has done????

Amazing..simply friggin amazing..

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Big Dick Cheney still delusional and trying to start another war.

On his current “Rehab the American image” tour, Cheney, true to form, has uttered the following at various stops along the way:

At a news conference Saturday, Cheney warned that “all options” are on the table if Iran continues to defy United Nations-led efforts to end Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, leaving the door open to military action.

He took a similarly uncompromising stand on Iran, criticizing its defiance of a U.N. deadline for freezing its uranium-enrichment programs. While the White House seeks a peaceful resolution to the problem, he said, he did not rule out military action. Mr. Cheney was more diplomatic, but no less direct, on Friday when he discussed North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and China’s rapid modernization of its 2.3 million-strong military forces.

He better be careful when bitching about China..they are funding the war in not bite the hand that feeds your war fix Dicky.