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Batsh*&t Bachmann and Beck on the census.

Glen Beck on the Census:

There are tons of videos up showing the rightwing nutters freaking out on the census.

Good read up at HuffPo on the rightwing nutters and their paranoia of the Federal Government.

Its Smoot Hawley you disgusting ignorant woman.

Sweet-friggin-Jaysus-in-a-speedo..Michelle Bachmann is the dumbest representative in our Congress. I am sure this isn’t news, but the fact that the Rethugs continue to let her open her piehole on the floor of the House. A dandelion has a higher IQ than this bitch.

She can’t get the name right for starters. Then a quick check of Wiki would of provided her with the correct time frame when this act became law. I hate this disgusting female on the same level as rapists and murderer’s. It’s the Smoot-Hawley Act ya dumb bitch. Not Hoot-Smalley.

How do the people in her district that vote this slimey, stupid cunt into office time and time again live with themselves? It’s a rhetorical question as none of us can be really sure. ;p

For those that care..the sports post for this weekend is here. ;>p

McCarthyism is alive and well thanks to Michelle Bachmann

This worthless, fearmongering female just freaks me the fuck out. I mean really…is she friggin serious?

Because if she is..we are really fucked if these fascist types of assholes regain control of Congress or hold onto the office of President.

From the ThinkProgress article the video is filched from:

Appearing on MSNBC’s Hardball today, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) attacked the patriotism of Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), based on his alleged relationship to former Weather Underground member William Ayers and the values of Obama’s former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. “I’m very concerned that he may have anti-American views,” said Bachmann. “That’s what the American people are concerned about.”

She then went further, suggesting that all liberal views — held by people such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, professors, and all Americans who identify themselves as “liberals” — are “anti-American.” When host Chris Matthews, stunned by her remarks, asked Bachmann how many people in Congress hold anti-American views, she responded, “You’ll have to ask them.”

Bachmann called on the media to conduct investigations into the anti-American activities of members of Congress, similar to Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s discredited House Un-American Activities Committee hearings in the 1950s. “I think people would love to see an exposé like that,” she claimed.

Sick fascist bag o batshit . She makes me that angry.