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Ron Paul, good for progressives? Oh please..

Rob from OpEdNews did a piece recently about how he supports Ron Paul and why other progressives should as well. After I choked on my morning cuppa and read it several times, I was astonished that he would go the route he took to make his point. I guess in the long run, if you have to pick a Rethug to support, RP would stand a better chance than any of the rest of the current crop of jackasses.

But not with this Leftwing Nutjob sir, no way, no-fucking-how. Now, if I had to live under a Rethug rule..I guess then perhaps I might be able to say Paul would be the best of the slimy lot..but not by much, if at all.

Back to Mr. Kall’s writeup. He also posted it over at DailyKos and was promptly tarred and feathered by a bunch of wingnuts. I know..not all Kos folks are wingnuts..but they surely don’t like individuals that hold alternative pov’s to theirs..thats a fact. You can be as liberal as they come but if you somehow step on their Kos-like toes..all hell breaks loose and they come gunning for ya and want you banned asap. Well, I slogged through many of the OpEd comments and the DailyKos comments where I found the following video:

I heart this guy..really I do..I like how he thinks about Ron Paul and other issues. His blog is pretty good although not current, I might add as is his KosBlog. So, just consider this a little YouTube and blog-whoring for James Risser a good progressive voice in the vast Blogosphere that must have a busy life since he isn’t blogging regularly any longer.

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Five great blogs I read..

The awesome and talented Mr. Good has asked me to provide a short list of blogs I enjoy and why. I do not get out much, because I can’t sit as long as I used know..the damn back thing, so I don’t hit every one of these every day. But they are good blogs and good, without further goes:

PeaceTrain: I love this group blog with all my heart and soul. Its a wonderful collection of fantastic writers and the subjects they write about are as different as their personalities. Their forum offers you even more good writing on subjects that span the globe as well from other members on timely issues or topics. Stop by and check out what Earl, Glenda and Bluegrrrl put out..its amazing stuff indeed.

UpdateAmerica: I love Anthony’s POV. Anthony makes me think about what it means to be a progressive..or liberal. He holds our progressive feet to the fire and we need that more often than it happens. He is an honest progressive who realizes we don’t know everything and play political games just like the conservatives do on occasion.

OutOfTheBlue: This is a blog from my hometown. Sadly, I didn’t know bluegrrrrl when I lived there, or I might not of ever left..she is smart, sassy, intelligent and one of the folks that gives us the remarkable PeaceTrain group blog. Like me, she is an activist and never misses a march or protest.

MoronCowboy: The Demon Princess is a lawyer. She can rip BushCo a new ass and not break a nail in the process. This is one awesome woman people!

Republispin: Scott is a great read. He isn’t always political..most times he is..but not always. He has a sense of humor as well and is very eclectic..I mean, check the man’s musical tastes for proof of that! I don’t get around the blogosphere as much as I should…but I do read Scott’s blog every chance I get. Sometimes..he just asks questions..and I love that about his blog. He admits he doesn’t always have the answers.

LazyIguana: Lazy is a funny guy with a wicked sense of humor. He makes me laugh while he makes his point. Thats a great gift to have. He never fails to entertain and although his posts are not always political..they are well worth the trip to his blog. The man does love his doubt about that.

Of course no list from moi would be complete without Bring it On! and The Blue Republic. There are wonderful writers on both staffs that I love to read, and yes, I do stop by both of these group blogs daily. I am proud they asked me to join them because I think they both are wonderful one-stop group blogs where you can get a plethora of opinions and lots of informative posts. They give me one thing I really crave..discussion of the issues. Blogging should be entertaining and educational and I find both of those things daily at BIO and TBR. It’s hard to find blogs that keep a discussion going all day or even for days on end..but BIO writers do that in aces. TBR has a quirky humor to it, that gives you a laugh along with a good, firm bitchslap of the right or the idiots running our government.

There you have it..some good blogs and some good writers..I hope you check them all when you get the chance. They are worth the trip 🙂