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War Bonds anyone?

Oh, this is rich:

 Lawmakers in both houses of Congress have introduced legislation to pay for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq by using a method that’s a throwback to prior U.S. conflicts: war bonds.

Saying that it would “promote national shared sacrifice and responsibility,” Rep. Kendrick Meek, D-Fla., introduced a bill Wednesday in the House of Representatives that would authorize the treasury secretary to issue and sell war bonds to Americans to fund the wars.

A national shared sacrifice? Are you shitting me jackass? Exactly how in the blue-fucking-hell, Representative Meek, does buying war bonds share with the soldiers doing three or four tours in Iraq or Afghanistan?

The last time the US issued War Bonds was for WWII.

These ‘bonds’ do effin’ nothing to erase the debt we are incurring for two morally bankrupt wars. As a noted in the McClatchy piece, Critics note that the bonds must be repaid eventually, merely postponing the debt.