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That sumbitch did what??

I had to digest this little bit of bullshit for a couple of days..because I am far too emotional about drilling for fucking Oil anywhere offshore or in ANWAR. DCup has a post up that really broke the dam for me and I went off like a mental patient on her blog. Sorry woman, I really am.

Ok..I am gonna go off..ready?

The Santa Barbara Oil Spill could of been not drilling in an area that was known to Union Oil and the Federal government to have fractured fault lines all over the damn sea bed. But the Union Oil company drilled out far enough that the Feds said..ah..what the hell, its cool.

But it wasn’t.

I don’t give a flying fuck if we drill in every single acre we have in will bring down gas prices a whole 50 cents..maybe 75 cents a fucking barrel and it will take 10 or more years until that oil is coming out of a gas pump near you. As far as how much gasoline it will produce? Fuck..a few years worth..not decades..years people.

Bush and his SUV driving buddies never tell us THAT shit do they? Perhaps they are as stupid as he pretends to be, I dunno..but I swear to GAWD I am gonna go postal on the next bag of batshit that tells me drilling in ANWAR or off any of our coast lines will solve our gas price problems NOW.

If Obama becomes President and has any real nads the sumbitch would start taxing those fuckers driving huge-ass SUV’s like there is no tomorrow. Plus, I would love to drive a fucking hybrid but I can’t afford one, I am on a fixed fucking income. We that want to drive a damn hybrid should be given a huge and I mean HUGE rebate for buying them..while of course we fuck those SUV-driving fuckwits to death with taxes on their cars, their gas they buy and anything else we can think of to bust their friggin nads.

Wait..I ain’t done yet…

I was a highschooler when the Santa Barbara oil spill happened..and I lived in Santa Barbara county. You haven’t lived until you have walked on a beach that has oil ten inches thick all fucking over it. You haven’t seen nothing until you see birds that are covered in the shit and dying a slow painful death. You haven’t experienced shit until you see hundreds of dead fish, seals and dolphins covering the beach.

I still weep when I see, in my minds eye, all those animals covered in fucking goo. I am crying now just thinking about them. The bird eyes pleading for help..and for what did we sacrifice them?

GREED..and self absorbed bullshittery, ego-tripping on our big cars and trucks that are usually carrying one or at the most two fucking people. I will never get over what I witnessed..never. And those fucking Oil company execs should of been made to clean up their fucking mess and made to help save the lives of those hundreds, nee thousands of birds that died.

I might be a bleeding heard liberal but I ain’t no friggin pacifist and I would like nothing better than to stick the business end of a fucking glock into the piehole of every sumbitch that wants to drill for oil instead of developing and using alternative, clean energy. That goes especially for the bastards at the helm of every Oil Company in America. This quote from the asshole that ran Union Oil at the time of the Santa Barbara spill:

Fred L. Hartley, president of Union Oil Co.:
“I don’t like to call it a disaster,” because there has been no loss of human life.
“I am amazed at the publicity for the loss of a few birds.”

The Santa Barbara Oil Spill in 1969 was the beginning of the environmental movement. Earth Day was created because of that spill. Its fucking pathetic we still have to fight this bullshit 39-fucking-years later.

All graphics are from the 1969 Oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara.