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Obama is anti-business? Give me an effin break!

Obama tells us that the greedy Corporatists at the US Chamber of Commerce are ‘possibly’ being funded by foreign interests and all the business journals go batshit crazy. Personally, I feel there is more of a chance that the CoC is funding their ads with foreign money than there is me buying a pair of shoes this week or me waking up tomorrow morning with an aching back since I have three blown discs. From Bloomberg’s Business Week:

The latest rhetoric may complicate an already tense relationship between the White House and the business community. The Bloomberg Global Poll last month found 77 percent of U.S.-based Bloomberg subscribers say Obama is too anti-business, and his favorability among the 1,408 investors worldwide is down to 49 percent from 73 percent in July 2009.

What a friggin load of horseshit. Obama has kissed the asses of the health insurance industry, auto industry (which I didn’t mind btw), banks, hedge funds, Wall Streeters and a whole friggin list of businesses and corporations with various bills he has signed into law and fucking plenty of what his administration has said and done since he took office.

Are those assholes in the ‘business community‘ just as fucking stupid as the teabaggers? Or are they just the usual greedy bastards who put profit over people..and over everything else?

How corporations have laundered campaign money.

RawStory has a how-to regarding the corporations and how they have managed to fund political ads inspite of the FEC laws. Of course it utilizes Swiss bank accounts and the assholes at the Chamber of Commerce. The new ruling from SCOTUS just makes it that much easier for these greedy carpetbaggers to affect our public elections for their own personal gain. From the RawStory link:

The Supreme Court’s seismic January ruling that corporations are free to spend unlimited amounts of their profits to advertise for or against candidates may have been the latest shakeup of campaign finance – but gaping holes already allow corporations to spend enormous sums without leaving a paper trail, a Raw Story investigation has found.
Campaign finance experts confirmed that though disclosure rules remained intact in the new Supreme Court decision, there are effective methods to circumvent them.
Ciara Torres-Spelliscy, an attorney and campaign finance expert at New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice, said corporations already effectively end-run campaign finance law by shuffling money through trade associations.
“One of their favorites right now is spending through trade associations,” Torres-Spelliscy said.
Trade associations are considered tax-exempt non-profit organizations under US law. While they must report contributions received from other corporations to the Internal Revenue Service, the document itself remains confidential and is not made available to the public.
“Money coming through the trade association doesn’t get disclosed,” Torres-Spelliscy explained. “You can’t tell if it came from particular corporations.”
For example, she said, “The disclaimer form is likely to just say, ‘This is brought to you by the Chamber of Commerce,’ with no extra ability to see behind that.”
The Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest trade association representing at least 300,000 businesses and organizations.
A fellow non-profit that works on campaign finance, the Center for Political Accountability, calls trade associations “the Swiss bank accounts of American politics.”

God Bless those Fucking Loopholes! But the corporations don’t have to rely loopholes now..oh hell no..SCOTUS made it legal for them to lie and obsfucate against candidates that represent the people instead of the Corporatocracy.

It’s an educational read over at RawStory. Check out the entire piece here.