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Obama Admin backs another Bush Admin position.

Holy-fuckamoly…when will the Obama Administration stop supporting many of the bullshit moves and beliefs of the Bush Administration? From an Editor & Publisher article:

In a surprise move, the Democrat-controlled Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Wednesday defended changes to media cross-ownership rules adopted in the George W. Bush administration that loosened somewhat the ban on same-market common ownership of a newspaper and broadcast station.

Under Chairman Julius Genachowski and with a 3-2 Democratic majority, the commission had been expected to take a hard line on media cross-ownership policy.

But in a filing with the U.S. appeals court that had put those rules on hold, the FCC affirmed agency’s 2007 decision under former Chairman Kevin Martin and the Republican majority on the agency that modified the 35-year-old ban to allow newspapers in the biggest markets to own either one radio station or one television broadcast station, but not the top-rated outlets.

But Michael Copps, an FCC member and Democrat was none to happy with this latest fuckery:

“Rather than bemoan what has happened today, however, I intend to redouble my efforts to move this issue to the commission’s front burner where it deserves to be,” Copps said.  “We should have changed our media policy by now.  We change it in the months just ahead,” he added in the statement, which put the word “must” in bold italics.

Three cheers for Mr. Copps…get em dude! Hold them accountable!  Read the entire article here at E&P.