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BakeSales 4 Body Armor needs your help

A wonderful Patriot and Activist, Tammara, has an important request. Her husband just returned from Iraq, but many marines still do not have the right equipment to keep them safe. Her group, BakeSales 4 Body Armor, has adopted 12 marines that need good equipment to help them survive their tour in Iraq. Here is Tammara’s request in her own words:


A Joint Endeavor By

Marine Corps League, Sevierville Detachment 1206 Maryville, Tn- Commandant, Rick Leone

Javier & Marian La Rosa

The Haven-A Church Of God, Non Profit Org.- Pastor, Paul Dyer


As the proud parents of Lance Cpl. Alex La Rosa a US Marine, we are appealing to your generosity. Our son and his squad (11 more Marines) of Combat Engineers are being deployed to Iraq sometime in July of this year. One of their jobs is to search for IEDs so that the rest of the troops are safer; this job is often done in the open while walking which makes them a target for sniper fire. Their sacrifice, allows us to enjoy our daily life. Our goal is for these brave young men to deploy with a new kind of Body Armor called Dragon Skin.

This body armor has been developed by a Fresno, California company Pinnacle Armor (they can be found on the web). Let us explain. Our Marines, wear body armor that relies on rigid ceramic inserts placed in pockets in a vest, this ceramic plate WILL “fail” after 4 or 5 hits to the point that these plates break and then offer NO protection to the wearer. Additionally, when all the plates are placed in the vest; it can weigh anywhere from 25 to 40 lbs. or more. Any combat veteran will testify to how this weight hampers a combatant’s effectiveness, if you add the heat factor which in Iraq can soar to 120 plus degrees; the NECESSITY for better body armor becomes obvious.

Time is of the essence since by the week of April 16 we must place the order with the manufacturer. At that time $21,828.00 will be needed, then on June 29; the balance of another $21,828.00 is due. We will fly to Fresno accompanied by representatives from the Marine Corps League, pick up the body armor and travel to 29 Palms, California to hand deliver them at their training base. Upon our return, we will publicize this delivery via WBIR Channel 8 TV and Blount County’s The Daily News and any media outlet wishing to disseminate the information.

May God Bless Our US Marines and ALL of Our Troops


If you can help out, even with just a few bucks..please click the link in the picture of this post to be taken to their blogsite and hit the contribute button once your there on the sidebar. Thank you to those of you who help this noble endeavor.