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Gitmo Judge sees jesus in a bar of soap, tosses 2 cases

I know, its an eye catching blog title..but its the only way I can see one of BushCo’s judges tossing out the cases of both Hamden and Canadian Omar Khadr. I thought these guys were hand picked. In any case, according to this article, the government had failed to establish jurisdiction was the reason for dismissing both Hamden and Khadr’s cases.


Sorry, but I had to laugh. Its fucking hilarious ain’t it? I mean, think about it..BushCo changed the laws to make sure he could try these guys without one ounce of evidence..and it freaking backfired on them!

Oh, the irony. The boyz at the DoJ and the Pentagon must be crapping down both legs over this. Seriously..they must. This wasn’t one judge, it was TWO judges that pissed in Bush’s cherrios.

I am out of town for another week, so posting will be sort of sporadic. But I had to get online when I read about this one today.