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Sweet Jebus in a was Rudy on Sunday?

A heartfelt thank you to Shakesspeares Sister for this video. Its short and frankly..I am left wondering wtf this man was on when he sat down with Timmy Russert Sunday morning, he looks and sounds like a complete ass ( which he is btw);

Giuliani and Robertson..wotta pair!

Chris Cillizza has a good post up at his WaPo blog about this new twist in the Presidential race. Chris has a more centrist take on this than I do..which is putting it mildly 😛

I find it incredible that batshit crazy Pat Robertson is backing Giuliani. Why? Because Rudy is more left than Pat will ever be..and we know thats not saying much. Wonder what it cost ol’ Rudy to get Pat’s blessings…

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The Republican candidates don’t like Black People?

How else do you explain that so far Thompson, Romney, Giuliani and McCain have refused to take part in a Presidential debate at the PBS-sponsored event being held at what once was a black college? They are using the time-honored excuse of…cough..a scheduling conflict.

I guess they think they can win it all without the votes from Black folks. I think thats pretty stupid and quite reckless.

But the Rethugs are about nothing if not elite snobs my dear reader, and this inaction by the four candidates screams elitism loud and clear. From the HuffPo writeup:

“There is a pattern here,” Smiley told the Huffington Post. “When you tell every black and brown request that you get throughout the primary process that ‘no, there’s a scheduling problem.’ That’s a pattern… Are we really supposed to believe that all four of these guys couldn’t make it because of scheduling?”

A pattern is right Mr. Smiley…they don’t give a shit about people of color..or their votes, they never have and they never will. I hope this really bites them in the ass hard on election day….

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Rudy hires a crop of Racists for his campaign

Well, well..isn’ t this a bunch of bat guano my dear reader. Rudy has hired the fuckwits, aka the brains behind the Harold Ford smear commercial, to run his ad campaign.

Isn’t that friggin special? Oh yeah, for people like us that pay attention, its SO damn disgusting I almost threw up a little in my mouth when I read it a few minutes ago. From the AP writeup:

WASHINGTON – Republican presidential contender Rudy Giuliani has a new team of media consultants with a strong record of electing GOP candidates, sometimes using controversia l ads.

The team is led by Heath Thompson and his Dallas-based firm, Scott Howell & Company. Thompson, as director of President Bush’s 2000 campaign in South Carolina, helped Bush to an 11-point victory in that state.

Last year, a commercial made by Thompson’s firm for Tennessee’ s U.S. Senate race was criticized for what the NAACP and others said were racial overtones.

That was THE most underhanded bullshit ad run during the entire campaign last year. And it worked! That fact alone should depress and sicken you. Harold was winning until the Rethugs pulled out their big guns. With Heath Thompson at the helm Rudy is guaranteed to wage an underhanded, no holds barred campaign.

Guess he’s desperate..i ts the move of a man that either thinks the voting public won’t know or give a damn..or he is desperate enough to win at any cost.

Sort of like George Bush did.

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