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Huckabee and push polling

He is denying any involvement of course, but none the less, cretins are doing it in his name. From HuffPo:

Patrick Davis, the executive director of Common Sense Issues, confirmed to The Huffington Post that his group is behind the New Hampshire push-polling calls which are targeted at a broad group of voters statewide.

“Our group is completely independent of the Huckabee campaign,” Davis, a political consultant based in Colorado Springs, said. “We are running an independent effort.” But Davis’ group has also set up a website – – and has conducted similar push-polling efforts touting Huckabee in Iowa.

Ah, the biblethumper is reaping the benefits of this nasty, many times illegal method of reaching voters. Typical Theocrat bullshit tactic..slime your competition with lies and innuendo while you thump that bible. Tweety Matthews interviewed an individual yesterday on his show that got one of the calls. It was of course aimed at making McCain look like a horrible, disgusting, gay-loving humanoid.

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