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Today’s look into the future..and its not pretty

My mentor and sometimes boss, Dark Wraith has created this wonderful graphic that you see now. I wanted to write a post so that I could put it up here, but was not able to come up with one that I didn’t think would be good enough and yet keep me out of Gitmo or the mental ward at the local hospital. Plus, I am medicated heavily due to the bad weather and my three blown I am using a grand post that Phydeaux wrote awhile back which is a scary but totally-could-happen thought. He wrote this back in July of this year. Here is part of it for your perusal:

It’s All too Possible

*********************BREAKING NEWS********************

16:42 19 January 2009
Washington, DC

Due to the increased racial tensions following the disputed election of Barack Obama in the recent Presidential election, I George W. Bush, do hereby invoke the National Continuation Policy (NATIONAL SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE/NSPD 51 / HOMELAND SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE/HSPD-20)

Effective immediately, the United States is under martial law. A national curfew is set from 10PM until 7AM local time. Anyone found in violation of this curfew will be held pending charges. Duly deputized units of Blackwater, USA will enforce this law, until such time as US Army and National Guard units return from the front in Iraq.

And don’t tell me it couldn’t happen my dear KNOW it very well could. Only the name of the Republican candidate would be different. For the rest of this insightful post..please visit Phydeaux’s blog.

Now, my view is that some reichwing nutjob could very well go all James Earl Ray on Obama’s ass if he actually gets the Democratic nomination..and you know that’s a high probability bet too my dear reader..

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