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Juan Cole gets it right-friggin-on about W.

Thanks and hugs to Betmo for turning me on to Cole’s post today on The Shrub. Juan Cole is usually a great read, but this one really hits all the marks for me. He says all the right things I could never put together if my life depended on it..I am much too hot-headed. A few choice paragraphs to peak your interest to read the entire post:

Bush is my slightly older contemporary. I knew guys like W. in college, the frat boys who painted the local lighthouse windows red in the middle of the night after binging on cheap beer and chasing skirts instead of cracking their books. The guys who were rude and arrogant because they did not know how to wear their inherited wealth gracefully, the loudmouths who parroted Barry Goldwater and William F. Buckley without having the integrity of the former or the eloquence of the latter.
W. wasn’t up to dealing with the Middle East. It is a complex, vital, fractious place and is notorious as the graveyard of modern presidencies. Carter was done in by Iranian hostage-takers. Reagan embroiled himself in Iran-Contra. Bush Sr. imprudently took on the Israel lobbies over loan guarantees for Israeli colonies on the West Bank, and that misstep helped cost him reelection.
There are weasels among the pundits who say that Bush has been vindicated, insofar as Iraq has regained better security than it had in 2006. This is like saying that the Norwegian brown rat was vindicated when the Black Death ran its course, having killed a third of Europe before it subsided.

Isn’t that simply delicious? is my favorite part of all:

W. is a frightful combination of ignorant, dull, and pigheaded when to succeed in the Middle East he needed to be well-informed, bright and intellectually agile.

Go read it, it is SO fucking worth it…you will not be disappointed m’dear readers. It says everything that needs to be said about the worst President in our nation’s history. BTW, CBS’s last poll on The Shrub came out today:

President Bush is leaving office with the lowest final approval rating for an outgoing president since Gallup began asking about presidential approval more than 70 years ago. Just 22 percent say that they approve of the way Mr. Bush has handled his job as president over the last eight years, while 73 percent say they disapprove.

Adios you worthless FUCKTARDO…don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. May you and your cronies rot in Hell or the Hague, your choice…for all eternity.

Top graphic by the inimitable Worried Shrimp. Bottom graphic by Dark Black the Magnificent.

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ps….I get more tests tomorrow to figure out wtf is wrong w/my body. Now the docs don’t have a clue…I thought medicine was an exact science? Ye old jalopy just ain’t running on all cylinders and its a real bitch to be me..which it usually is whats the diff? ;>P

He leaves us with this..

DarkBlack the Magnificient is moving on. But before he does..he gave us this beautiful and moving post and the following graphic Title: Sweet Dreams Neocons:

Click image to view it in all’s it’s glory 😉

To Dark Black: Adieu and adios sweet prince. Take care, have a good life and stay in touch..I will miss you horribly.