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Paid mobs ambush Townhalls..

This shit is on my last nerve. At least when the leftwingers went after Rethugs, we weren’t paid by some group and we did a little demonstration until we were hauled away. We did not shout down other citizens that wanted to speak. From Rachel Maddow’s show last night, a good here to watch it on my video page.

The goal by the paid rightwingers is to prevent discussion. They shout down everyone that isn’t ‘one of them’. Rachel Maddow does a great expose’ on these asshats tonight as well.

Video when it becomes available…Its Available! Rachel and Chris Hayes discuss the history of the Rethugs dirty tricks with regard to astroturf protests, watch it here.

C&L has a great writeup on this topic as well as partial transcripts of Maddow’s show tonight on this issue.