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Election day in VA and NJ, gay rights in Maine

I am under the weather. Got some bug friday on the airplane. So, this will be short..

I think the Dem’s will take a friggin bath. It’s not all because of Obama, but a certain percentage of voters will be going to the polls to voice their displeasure with The Big O. Of course the rightwing fringe will be out there en mass.

I hope Maine voters vote down the proposition regarding gay marriage. Damn fucking homophobes. 

Your thoughts m’dear readers?

Mumps or strep?

I got one or the other folks…Jaysus it sucks to be sick. No politics..just Ricky Gervais’ shtick at the Golden Globes..I found it funny. Remember, I am sick, so if you don’t find it funny…perhaps you need to have the mumps or strep throat.

UPDATE…it happens to be Strep..a very nasty case of it. 😦