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Blanche gets it…Barney don’t.

Look, I will admit upfront that I can not find my ass w/both hands when it comes to the world of finance, stocks and derivatives..not to mention hedge funds.

Say what you will about the bluedog Blanche Lincoln, hell I take her name in vain a LOT. She is a c#nt on healthcare and many other social issues..but the bitch (I mean that in a good way) gets it on Financial Reform.

On the other hand, Barney Frank is rolling over. I can’t friggin believe it. He wants to weaken the FR bill even more…wtf dude????

Dylan Ratigan has some great guests on daily that are specialists on derivatives, stocks, investors and the whole ball of wax when it comes to fixing our banking system.

Video when it becomes available…meanwhile read this on his msnbc page and this on HuffPo…about how Dodd, Frank and others are basically caving in to Big Banking and the markets, stock and otherwise.

The bill and various amendments are being debated now. The fuckers are pulling the rug out from under Financial Reform. It’s downright fucking pathetic m’dear reader.

I just got home after a week w/my father. I poured a stiff drink (it was after noon) and turned on my favorite political show lately, Dylan Ratigan. All it did was stress me out…and I just spent a week stressed out with my father who keeps having major senior moments. Sigh…heavy sigh.

Video is out.

I love Barney Frank.

I unabashedly love the man. As a former resident of MA I must say they have some great folks with balls to say what needs to be said. The rest of the friggin Dem’s need to step up and quit being nice to the wingnuts that infiltrate their townhall meetings.

The folks at are giving this button away..with a small donation of course. I want one!!!!

If you buy one, let me know.. 😉