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10 worst predictions of 2010

Since the weather still sucks here and my attention span is very limited due to the pain meds I currently take..I give you this writeup from Below I will highlight the ones I found amusing and/or made me sad. Click the link above for the whole ball of wax :

“More people are going to be put to work this summer.” –Vice President Joe Biden, White House briefing, June 17, 2010

“Sharron Angle beating Harry Reid, followed by an uncomfortable and possibly bitter concession speech from Harry Reid. … Charlie Crist, an independent beating Marco Rubio, throwing a wrench in the Tea Party and extreme right winners of the night. … I am one of the few of the mind-set that Christine O’Donnell could actually pull this thing off. …  In the tight and hugely expensive California race, I predict a win for the former CEO of eBay.”-Meghan McCain, The Daily Beast, Nov. 2, 2010

We’ve got a government in a box, ready to roll in.”-Gen. Stanley McChrystal, to Dexter Filkins of the New York Times, Feb. 12, 2010

“Once that uranium, once those fuel rods are very close to the reactor, certainly once they’re in the reactor, attacking it means a release of radiation, no question about it. … So if Israel is going to do anything against Bushehr it has to move in the next eight days.”-John Bolton, Fox Business Channel, Aug. 17, 2010

There is a high probability that the collapse of the United States will occur by 2010.”-Russian Foreign Ministry Diplomatic Academy Dean Igor Panarin, speech at the academy, March 3, 2009

 “The detention facilities at Guantánamo for individuals covered by this order shall be closed as soon as practicable, and no later than 1 year from the date of this order. If any individuals covered by this order remain in detention at Guantánamo at the time of closure of those detention facilities, they shall be returned to their home country, released, transferred to a third country, or transferred to another United States detention facility in a manner consistent with law and the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States.”-President Barack Obama, Executive Order, Jan. 22, 2009 

John Bolton is King of the Douchenozzles and it warms the cockles of my little black heart when that fuckwad gets anything wrong….which is quite often. Obama’s Gitmo transgression really chaps my brown ass. Megan McCain is simply a pathetic publicity whore who really isn’t a republican OR a political pundit, so why in the blue hell she calls herself one or has a job writing about politics…I have no friggin clue.

Shorter economics- The right is full of shit and lies like a rug.

The Fifteen Biggest Lies about the Economy (And Everything Else the Right Doesn’t Want You to Know about Taxes, Jobs, and Corporate America).Joshua Holland’s new book pretty much debunks all the fuckery and bullshit we get from the batshit fucktards on the extreme right…who btw run the Party Of No, known as the GOP. There is an excerpt here at AlterNet worth reading especially since it addresses the latest bs that it iwas the poor folks that caused Wall Street to take that huge shit two years ago and counting.

Via Reader Supported News, we get Krugman’s latest: Hey Small Spender. Oh baby, this one is good.

One of my fav’s, Robert Reich, from his blog: Why Democrats Should Not Join in Economic Scapegoating.

Gotta run, Matt Taibbi is on MSNBC.

Hot-tub Tommy will not face federal charges..

Personally, I didn’t think he would. Holder’s gang made the announcement. From TPM:

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay will not face federal charges related to his ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Politico reported.

The Justice Department notified DeLay’s lead attorney, McGuireWoods Chairman Richard Cullen, about the decision last week, the lawyer said.

“The federal investigation of Tom DeLay is over and there will be no charges,” Cullen told Politico. “This is the so-called Abramoff investigation run by the Public Integrity section of DOJ. There have been a series of convictions and guilty pleas since 2005.”

Cullen said that DeLay “voluntarily produced to the prosecutors over 1,000 emails and documents from the DeLay office dating back to 1997. Several members of Congress objected to producing official government records under Speech or Debate Clause concerns,” Cullen said.

“DeLay took the opposite position, ordering all his staff to answer all questions. He turned over more than 1,000 documents, and several of his aides gave interviews and grand jury testimony.”

Fucker still will face the state charges….but I ain’t holding my breath on that shit either. They have drug that crap out for years already.

DOJ says US Atty firings not illegal…You don’t say!

Somehow, I really thought Holder and Company might tackle the fuckery committed by Bush and his Bushies went it came to shitcanning David Iglesias and the eight other US Attorneys in 2006. From the RSN writeup:

The Bush administration’s Justice Department’s actions were inappropriately political, but not criminal, when it fired a U.S. attorney in 2006, prosecutors said Wednesday in closing a two-year investigation without filing charges.

The decision closes the books on one of the lingering political disputes of the Bush administration, one that Democrats said was evidence of GOP politics run amok and that Republicans have always said was a manufactured controversy.

Investigators looked into whether the Bush administration improperly dismissed nine U.S. attorneys, and in particular New Mexico U.S. Attorney David Iglesias, as a way to influence criminal cases. The scandal added to mounting criticism that the administration had politicized the Justice Department, a charge that contributed to the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

In 2008, the Justice Department assigned Nora Dannehy, a career prosecutor from Connecticut with a history of rooting out government wrongdoing, to investigate the firings.

“Evidence did not demonstrate that any prosecutable criminal offense was committed with regard to the removal of David Iglesias,” the Justice Department said in a letter to lawmakers Wednesday. “The investigative team also determined that the evidence did not warrant expanding the scope of the investigation beyond the removal of Iglesias.”

Just shows you what an ass I am eh? Politicizing the Justice Department isn’t criminal…yeah right, and I will win the lotto this weekend.  Expecting justice from the Obama /Holder justice department is just plain fuckwitted I guess..