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Judge tosses remaining conviction against Jena Six defendant.

Its a good friday indeed, from CNN:

A Louisiana appeals court Friday vacated the remaining conviction of a teenager accused in a violent, racially charged incident in Jena, Louisiana, his attorney said. Bob Noel said the 3rd District Court of Appeals in Lake Charles threw out the conviction for second degree battery against Mychal Bell, saying the charges should have been brought in juvenile court. The future of the case against Bell is up to the district attorney, who must decide whether to refile the charges in juvenile court, Noel said. Bell, who is now 17, was 16 at the time of the fight in December 2006. Earlier this month, a district court judge vacated a conviction for conspiracy to commit second degree battery, saying that charge should have been brought in juvenile court. He left standing the second degree battery conviction, however. Bell’s defense team would be filing a motion to get him out of prison, where he has been since his arrest in December, Noel said. A sentencing hearing that had been scheduled for September 20 is now off, he said.

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