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It’s just downhill from here right?

My day started way-too-friggin-early for starters..4:45am to be exact. I don’t remember what woke me up, but it was probably related to a cat..I would bet the Ball n’ Chains™ life on it.

After bending over roughly 25 times to slop the hogs, meaning I feed, medicate and water all indoor and outdoor critters, my back was already highly pissed at me and was screaming like a banshee. At 7:45am no less!

Then I sat down to ye olde laptop and saw that Sirens Chronicles was having issues..mainly something I did yesterday, which the fucking admin panel told me to do..had unintended consequences. It made my database manager plug-in non-functional.

This is a very important plug-in. As shitty as my host provider is, I usually have to repair the database at least 4 mornings a week. Some fucking autostart program they run hoses the shit out of Siren’s front page..deleting all content. It only takes me a minute to repair the db, but I have to stop what I am doing every morning around 8:30am, go check the site to see if yes..once again all content as disappeared. Fucking hosting company can kiss my hairy ass one of these days. Twice even…

Next on the morning agenda: reading a few of the 400 emails I get daily. Most are from news agency’s around the globe and those are where I get the majority of my information. I eventually get to our MSM, but they are way down the fucking list..believe me.

I was happy to see that martial law had not been imposed by Obama overnight, after all the horseshit the extreme rightwing nutters are pulling lately. You know..the fuckwits bringing guns to townhalls, the smackdowns on defenseless elderly people at townhalls, sick batshit bastards screaming down wheelchair-bound women that just want to ask some questions about healthcare at some townhall and my personal favorite- Obama speaking at schools means he is recruiting for his Hitler Youth Groups…you know, the usual shit lately that the entire-fucking-world is seeing on YouTube or reading in their newspapers and then saying:

What in the blue-fucking-hell is wrong with those friggin Americans? Is there something in their water for christ’s sake?

Then, the BnC™ came in and told me he ‘broke’ something on my car. I kept my temper down, deep down and inquired as to what exactly had he ‘broken’.

I sent his ass to the dealership to get it fixed. That is why I have a damn extended service contract on that cunt-haired GM vehicle that I bought shortly before they quit making them.

He is back and he even got the car washed for me..probably a peace offering.

Is it happy hour somewhere in the world? Cuz I will be glad to be on the same timezone they are at this point.

Oh holy shit..Pat Buchanan wrote what about Hitler? Is he losing his marbles already? MSNBC must be loving the controversy or they would send his nutter ass packing. Oh Sweet-friggin-jaysus, MSNBC is promoting his column according to TPMuckraker.

Good thing Skyy vodka was on sale this week..and I have two gallons of cranberry juice..real juice, not that shit they call Cranberry cocktail for me. The real stuff. Thank Buddha!