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Gone but hopefully not forgotten?

Hello there m’dear reader…I am in San Diego for an unknown length of time.

My 80 year old father is hospitalized and unable to care for himself any longer. So, it falls on my shoulders to figure out wtf to do about him and his life…what is left of it.

I do plan on blogging but I am just too busy with doctors and other people, not to mention trying to keep my cantankerous father inside his hospital room and keeping him from punching out the nurses.

Dementia is a possibility, but the doctors think there is another reason he is delusional and unable to care for himself. To put it in language everyone will understand:

Your body should have five quarts of blood. The Old Fucker was four quarts low, so his body made the decision to supply all his organs, except for his brain.

I do not have internet access at his house, where I am staying since he owns a cat that he loves more than anything. But, I do have access to the intertubes here at the hospital, so during the long-ass hours I am here daily…I will be able to do my usual bitching about all things political.

Say a prayer for the Old Fucker if you do any praying…if not..well…that’s quite alright too.

Until tomorrow…Dusty. 😉

If anyone lives in San Diego, I would love to see you. Let me know and I will figure out a way we can grab a few moments to say hello. It would be a welcome  change for me…believe me.