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Ah yes, Baseball season is here!

So there is another post about the continuing saga of A-fraud, aka Arod over on my sports blog here. He has been caught lying…again…already…

Not all my 10 readers appreciate sports, so I am using the old non-political blog for that endeavor.

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This just in – ARod is full of sh*t.

I love baseball and have since I was a young girl. I had the displeasure today of watching Alex Rodriguez’s presser. Christ what a lying sack of bat guano. He left more holes in his ’story’ than he answered for starters. Add to that, his teammates were all lined up in the front row.

Why were they there? Support I am sure, but why in the blue hell were they supporting him? Arod is a wealthy man, the highest paid in the game of professional baseball, he doesn’t need or deserve their support. From Deadspin:

So, New York Yankee players, line up behind a man who cheated; who lied; who shamed the game. Line up behind someone who has shown you and your profession no respect.

At some point, clean ballplayers must take action. No more support for disgraced teammates; no more “We just need to move past this” BS monologues; no more calls for fresh starts and short memories.

No, somebody like Jeter or Johnny Damon or Mark Teixeira needs to make clear that steroids are a disgrace, and those who use are damnations to the game.

It’s time to stop supporting Alex Rodriguez-and start supporting baseball.

I am tired of these overpaid bastards giving us a shallow apology and asking us all to move on and leave them be. They are cheaters of the worst kind in sports.

They are dumb as a fucking rock, not to mention self-serving as hell. They willingly ingested drugs which could ultimately kill or maim them. He was injected twice a month for three years yet he never thought about the consequences? If nothing else it shrinks their balls, causes hair loss and I am sure that’s a big deal to a self-absorbed sumbitch like Bonds or Arod.

So that makes Arod and his teammates fucking morons too. No one ever said you had to be a rocket scientist to play baseball….but I would think common sense was expected of men readily given millions of dollars a year to play a child’s game.