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Vietnamese lose suit against Agent Orange manufacturers

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. The ruling however pleased Monsanto and Dow and 30 other corporations that manufactured the death toxin. From the Common Dreams writeup:

Toxins left behind from the 1960s and 70s war are a thorn in otherwise friendly ties between the Communist Party government and Washington which have been built up around trade and business since 1995.

The lawsuit contended agent orange caused ailments, including birth defects and cancer.

Studies have shown the compound of dioxin, a component of “agent orange” herbicides sprayed during the war, is still present in so-called “hot spots” at levels hundreds of times higher than would be accepted elsewhere.

The US Government however, has always concluded there is nothing harmful in Agent Orange. The US government, which of course claimed sovereign immunity, was not sued.

Their cohorts in crime were sued but have nothing to fear now. Isn’t that just fucking dandy?

Consider this suit a dry run for all the ones regarding the thousands of tons of Depleted Uranium we have unleashed in Iraq and Afghanistan..