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A couple of mighty fine ole broads…who blog.

I do not know if Margaret and Helen are actually 82-year-old females, but frankly I don’t care.

Its a good blog and it makes you smile and sometimes chuckle. We all can use a little more of that in our lives can’t we? Just a small blurb from the latest post:

Oh Cecilia, bless your heart. We have only been at this for two years, sweetheart. There were over 40 debates during the primaries and most recently we have had three Presidential debates and one Vice Presidential debate. Honey, I trust you can read. Please do because this is important. And I am not trying to be mean or dismissive. It really is that important and you need to read about this stuff and believe me there are piles of stuff out there.

But… if you are not going to read anything else, I hope you’ll chew on this:

Let’s start with John McCain. Picking Sarah Palin was John McCain’s first big decision after winning the nomination. In an earlier interview McCain said he didn’t know much about the economy but he would probably pick a Vice President who could help him on that. Palin? Really? Palin. She went to five colleges and finally got an undergraduate degree in journalism. And if you have watched her interviews with journalists, you have to wonder how much of that degree sank in. Sarah Palin – definitly not the sharpest tool in the shed.

I love it because its down to earth and just a touch of snark. So, I really don’t care if its a 22 year old male writing it as some of the detractors are whining about. Its good damn it and its a wonderfully delightful idea for a blog persona.

Check them out when you have the chance. Hug and a tip o the hat to Jet at Bring itOn for finding these ladies and turning me on to them. 😉