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NV AG files challenge to Yucca Mt nuke waste site

State AG Catherine Cortez Masto actually filed 229 challenges to be exact. Bravo chica! From the LegalNewsLine link:

State Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, who has fought the controversial project at every juncture, said Friday in a petition to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that the Yucca Mountain application is flawed.

Among other things, the attorney general said the project application fails to take into consideration such things as greenhouse gas-induced climate change and the lowering of the topography of Yucca Mountain by erosion.

She also said the U.S. Department of Energy’s application contains an inadequate plan for shipping high-level radioactive waste across the country to the site.

“We needed hundreds of pages just to document the most blatant problems with DOE’s application,” she said. “Although Nevada has known for years about many of these problems, we are approaching a real time of reckoning.”

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s review of the U.S. Energy Department’s license application for the proposed Yucca Mountain project, where 77,000 tons of radioactive waste would be stored, could take four years.

“Nevada has been fighting the federal government on this issue for nearly 30 years and will continue all appropriate efforts to prevent this dangerously unsafe facility,” Masto said.

Besides the Billions of dollars in cost overruns, this fuckwitted idea should never be implemented in my humble yet vocal opinion.

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