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Margaret Cho is friggin beautiful.

I just watched Cho’s latest Showtime special-Margaret Cho-Beautiful. It was great as always. I have loved Cho since I saw her over a decade ago in San Diego on ladies nite at the comedy club in La Jolla.

I made the Ball n’ Chain™ watch it. His response half way through the show was this:

BnC- She is crude.

Moi- No she isn’t, she tells it like you think about it..don’t lie.

BnC- She isn’t funny.

Moi-Your fucking psycho dude..she is hilarious and if you can’t talk about body parts and sex then you are the one that’s fucked up..not her.

BnC- Whatever, I just don’t like her comedy style I guess.

Moi- Yeah, that’s are a prude and only appreciate comedy from straight folks that saw their best days about two decades ago.

BnC- Fuck you, I do not.

Moi- Fuck me? You can’t find anything funny in what Margaret Cho has to say? She lays it out there and pokes fun at everyone..gays, lesbians, straights, bi’s…and my favorite..hairy men..omg..that’s are a fucking Bear! ( I laugh like a crazy woman in a straight jacket)

BnC- Fuck you. Turn the channel.

Moi-No..I refuse. Btw jackass, I love you so that makes me a Bear Hag! See? No harm no stfu so I can watch the show.

BnC-give me the fucking remote then.

Moi- No jackass, come take it from me. (wicked smile that only a crazy woman would have)

He went back to his computer..I continued to laugh my old tired ass off. Margaret has lost a shitload of weight and is stunning in her black floor-length dress. She has a new show on ..cough..Lifetime called Drop Dead Diva. It started this week.

I can’t wait to see it.

You, m’dear reader need to catch her on Showtime, it is playing this month. The girl can make you laugh your ass off like nobody else..I swear. She tells us we are all beautiful…and guess what..we are. 😉

Watch a short video clip of her Beautiful show here on my video page.