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Christians call out Palin: Act like a Christian ok?

From Friends of Justice a good read from The American Prospect. Sarah Posner writes on politics and religion for TAP. A short blurb to pique your interest in her article:

The Matthew 25 Network, a Christian political action committee that is supporting Barack Obama, last week released a letter to Sarah Palin, which, in so many words, called on her to start acting like she follows Jesus’s teachings instead of Karl Rove’s. The signers, religious leaders of different Christian traditions, said they were “extremely disappointed in Sarah Palin’s divisive, sarcastic, and often deceptive address at the Republican National Convention,” and asked Palin as “not only as a political figure, but also as a prominent Christian, to recommit herself to campaigning in good faith, with a strong commitment to truth-telling.” The letter cited Ephesians 4:25, which reads, “Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are all of the same body.”

Wow, what a novel idea…treating everyone like a child of God…
It’s nice to know that not all Christian groups are backing the McCain/Palin ticket. 😉