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Huckabee’s floating cross Christmas ad

Hardball just ran all the candidates Christmas commercials today. With all the early-ass caucus’s and primaries this silly season, it’s ridiculous to watch these candidates say Happy Holidays and in the next breath vote for me.

The worst commercial was Hucks. He actually had a freaking cross roll into the picture at the end of his. Even Matthews couldn’t believe it. Everyone else just had the good ol’ Xmas tree in the background..or a roaring fireplace..but not Huckabee. Nope, he had to get that good time religion ‘product placement’ into the picture.

I need to see if I can d/l it and post it here..un-fucking-believable.

Update: FOUND IT..catch the ‘floating cross’ behind ol Mikey. Talk about product placement..this one takes the gold.well, it just goes right along with the push polling being done in his name, don’t ya know?

this an overlay soundtrack that isn’t part of the actual commercial.

Pew Research has a goodie..

They aren’t just a polling company..they research this stuff over years, decades even. This one is particularly interesting because it matches up with what progressives have been saying all along…

The Muslims aren’t any different that white evangelicals.

Well, no shit sherlock..The title of the analysis is:

In Intensity of Religious Identity, Not Unlike Evangelicals

Although Muslims constitute a small minority in the United States, and their holy book and many of their religious rituals are distinctly their own, Muslim Americans are by no means “the other” when it comes to religious life or politics in the United States. In many ways, they stand out not so much for their differences as for their similarities with other religious groups.

In their level of religious commitment, Muslim Americans most closely resemble white evangelicals and black Protestants. In their basic political orientation, they closely resemble black Protestants as well as seculars. When it comes to their views on some social issues, such as homosexuality, Muslims’ conservatism matches that of white evangelicals. Muslims are even more likely than evangelicals or any other group to support a role for government in protecting morality.


Muslims account for less than one percent of the country’s population, whereas eight-in-10 Americans are Christian. Recent public opinion surveys by the Pew Research Center find that, with respect to the intensity of their religious beliefs, Muslim Americans most closely resemble white evangelicals and black Protestants. Within all three groups, large majorities (72% of Muslim Americans, 80% of white evangelicals and 87% of black Protestants) say religion is “very important” in their own lives. Those notably high percentages set all three groups apart from Catholics (49%) and white mainline Protestants (36%).

The link above will take you to the rest of the analysis of the data. The Repubes can choke on this one, believe me. They only need to look in a mirror to see what a terrorist-loving Muslim looks like.

Oh, btw..they both think their religious beliefs should be utilized through the legislative process to define our morals.

Terrorism, thy name is Theocracy and our Republican leaders are no different than the people they screech about wiping off the face of the earth. Guess it takes one to know one.

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Nothing more uplifting than an Angry Black Bitch

I get FireDogLake’s email of their daily roundup of posts each night. Its a group blog and they post plenty. This one post caught my attention so much..I had to post about their post. Let me start off by saying this issue no longer affects me. But I availed myself of the right to have such a medical procedure once in my life and I thank GOD I was able to get it.

Angry Black Bitch is a wonder to behold. She has reclaimed the word “bitch” for starters…I have done that as well, its a badge of honor for moi, but I digress, this is about Her. Her post is about the governor of her state, Missouri. Its about the bill he signed IN A CHURCH. Seems he was trying to kiss some extremist ass, doing a mea culpa of sorts. He laid out a set of “new rules” for clinics that provide abortions. To put it bluntly my dear reader…

It’s turning into a police state in Missouri. That ain’t right. That people would support this bill is some scary shit indeed. Its about control over what clinics can do and how they do it. The new bill will cost clinics millions to remodel and hire staff to meet the criteria.

It will also cause some clinics to quit offering a perfectly legal medical abortion.

I just hope to hell that there is a decent judge on the bench in Missouri to hear this case. It has to be taken into a court of law because evidently the state of Missouri is being run by Theocratic, bigoted, narrow-minded, assholes who think it’s their right to be up in everyone’s business when it comes to receiving what is STILL a legal medical procedure. From a Kansas City writeup on the new law; The new law, which will take effect Aug. 28, also bars people affiliated with abortion providers from teaching or supplying materials for sex education courses in public schools, and it allows schools to offer abstinence-only programs. It cements into state statute an existing grant program for centers that encourage women to deliver babies instead of having abortions.–WTF?? It will pay clinics a bonus to talk women out of a legal medical procedure??? I hope Planned Parenthood has the ACLU on speed dial my dear reader..because old Mitch actually brags about screwing with a womans right to Reproductive choice. Look Mitch, you friggin blowhard ass-kissing sumbitch, Roe v Wade doesn’t say EVERYONE has to get an abortion…it says women have the right to have one if circumstances in their lives dictate such a procedure.

Stop by ABB’s blog and show her some support. Not that she needs it, she is a one woman wrecking crew..and I heart her for that. Do it because she deserves to hear voices of support, not the trolling fuckwits that have been hanging around with nothing better to do that call her out for speaking her well-educated mind and showing the world what a bunch of assholes can do when they get the power to control our lives.

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