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Feds wont deport missing soldiers wife.

As if the 12 million undocumented workers don’t give them enough to do..the Fed Govt was in the middle of deporting the wife of missing Iraq soldier Army specialist Alex Jimenez. From Raw Story:

Hiraldo’s immigration lawyer Matthew Kolken told Boston television station WBZ that the government refused to grant a so-called hardship waiver that would allow her to stay in the country.

Spec Jimenez was working to keep his wife, Yaderlin Hiraldo, in the country when he was deployed last year. The story has rec’d a lot of attention with Kerry writing a letter to DHS telling them to back the fuck off on this issue.

I am under the weather in a major way my dear reader. I hope to feel better and put something up later on today. Have a good day and keep telling the Congress that Bush and Cheney need to be Impeached!