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Hope you all been paying attention, time for a quiz

I scored 80%, missing two of them. How do you score on this asinine political quiz?

In other news Zimbabwe is going to shit quicker than you can say Mugabe is one crooked mutha fucka. US diplomats are being fucked with big time.

Massachusetts misplaced a friggin Lighthouse?

40 years ago last night, Bobby Kennedy was murdered in my home and current state of California. Watch his last known interview here. It brought a shit-load of emotions to the surface for moi. The issues he talks about are relevant today damn it..means we haven’t moved forward much in 40 friggin years don’t it? His ‘victory’ speech can be viewed here.

Finally, a little sports..the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup and my hapless Padres broke up the Cubbies win streak. 😉

Layoffs at CBS News..

The recession is hitting the news division at CBS as well as all other departments. From TV Newser:

The corporate-wide CBS job cuts have made their way to West 57th St. Insiders tell us the layoffs at CBS News are division-wide; to editorial, technical operations and the bureaus.

At The Early Show, five people were shown the door yesterday. At least one didn’t go quietly, an insider tells us. A TVNewser tipster writes, “all 5 had run-ins with Shelley Ross” the Senior EP of the show who herself was ousted last month. Dust off those resumes because “more than a dozen” jobs are currently open on the show. The Early cuts were in the works for months, insiders say.

In addition to the cuts, some jobs are being added, some open positions are not being filled, while other jobs are being ‘redefined.’ “We are taking some steps to accommodate changes in technology and newsgathering that make the best use of our staff,” a spokesperson tells TVNewser.

Insiders say the cuts amount to “just over 1%” of the CBS News staff. CBS Corp. reported a 14.6% decline in fourth-quarter earnings. The share price is down 19% so far this year.

Earlier: Cuts at ABC News

Earlier: Cuts at NBC News/MSNBC

Goodness gracious..welcome to the real world news folks. We aren’t spending our money and neither are the companies at advertise. Why isn’t Fox Noise laying off is my only question..

The story behind the McCain story.

TNR has posted the article that forced the NYT’s hand on the McCain bomb yesterday. I will read it shortly. TNR has fallen from grace I will take it with a grain of salt.

In other news..Disgraced Rep Bob Ney is getting out of jail 13 months early. If that was you or I..oh..nevermind.

Tom Hayden has a good read up at The Nation. I am partial to Tom Hayden and his pov 😉

H/T to Konagod, India will have a tv show that stars a transgender addressing issues that affect the transgender community in India. Gee, the U.S. wouldn’t have the balls to put that up on a national network. She goes by Rose now. Good luck m’dear..give em hell.

Just got back from the Docs. Lots of gnashing of teeth and a sort of ‘come to Jesus’ meeting with my orthopedic surgeon. He is finally putting in a request to get a surgery consult. Bout fucking time asshole.

The picture is of one of the Protests held in my humble burg. I just wanted a little reminder of what is one of my major goals. And its one, two, three..what are fighting for? 😉