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Zogby Poll: President sucks..congress sucks worse

The whole damn bunch of them suck is the basic premise of the newest Zogby poll. Both branches of the Federal Government received record low anyone surprised?

Not moi my dear reader. Take a gander at what the Zogby poll has to say:

Only 29 percent of Americans gave Bush a positive grade for his job performance, below his worst Zogby poll mark of 30 percent in March. A paltry 11 percent rated Congress positively, beating the previous low of 14 percent in July. The Reuters/Zogby Index, a new measure of the mood of the country, dropped from 100 to 98.8 in the last month on worries about the economy and fears of a recession, pollster John Zogby said. “Since the last time we polled we have had the mortgage crisis, and we are hearing the recession word a whole lot more than we’ve heard it in the past,” Zogby said.

Its a pretty pathetic bunch of worthless Asshats up there on Capitol Hill ain’t it? For Congress to receive such a rating screams volumes about how worthless and spineless they are for me. The President of course could give a rat’s ass about his rating..its been in the toilet for years now.

Now, Zogby also does something called an “Index”. It addresses how American’s feel about the country and their lives in general. This monthly index rises and dips, no surprize there..but this month…well, its not good my dear reader. From the Zogby writeup in the same link as above:

The Index, which debuts this month, combines responses to 10 questions on Americans’ views about their leaders, the direction of their country and their personal situations. Polling for the Index began in July, and that month’s results provide the benchmark score of 100. A score above 100 indicates the country’s mood has improved since July. A score below 100, like the one recorded in September, shows the nation’s mood getting worse. The RZI, which will be released the third Wednesday of each month, had remained at 100 in August. “The public mood is not just dark. What’s darker than dark?” Zogby said. “The mood is getting ugly.” The national survey of 1,011 likely voters, taken September 13 through September 16, found barely one-quarter of Americans, or 27 percent, believe the country is headed in the right direction. Nearly 62 percent think the country is on the wrong track.

Congress can’t get 60 votes to restore Habeas Corpus or give the soldiers more time to mend from the horrors of war..but 60+% of Americans don’t have a problem registering their complaints and fears about a worsening economy or that we as a nation are on the wrong friggin track.

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To Pelosi and Reid..Wake up and smell the coffee you fools!

Alternet has a great read up this morning. Its entitled: “How the Democrats blew it in only Eight Months”. The author points out how the Democratically-controlled Congress now has a lower opinion rating than the worst times for the Republicans last year:

Thanks to the Dems’ inaction on Iraq and compliance with Bush on the FISA bill, the Democratic-controlled Congress now has a “confidence” rating of 14 percent, the lowest since Gallup started asking the question in 1973 and five points lower than Republicans scored last year.

Ain’t that some news? Sure is..but the real question is..will Pelosi and Reid pay attention? Will these asshats actually turn the ship around and start paying attention to what the majority of American’s want? I will leave you with the last paragraph of the article which asks a very important question:

A war people hate, Gitmo, Bush’s police-state executive orders of July 17 — the Democrats have signed the White House dance card on all of them. And guess what? Just as their poll numbers are going down, Bush’s are going up, by five points in Gallup from early July. People are beginning to think the surge is working, courtesy of the New York Times. So are we better or worse off since the Democrats won back Congress?