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Layoffs at CBS News..

The recession is hitting the news division at CBS as well as all other departments. From TV Newser:

The corporate-wide CBS job cuts have made their way to West 57th St. Insiders tell us the layoffs at CBS News are division-wide; to editorial, technical operations and the bureaus.

At The Early Show, five people were shown the door yesterday. At least one didn’t go quietly, an insider tells us. A TVNewser tipster writes, “all 5 had run-ins with Shelley Ross” the Senior EP of the show who herself was ousted last month. Dust off those resumes because “more than a dozen” jobs are currently open on the show. The Early cuts were in the works for months, insiders say.

In addition to the cuts, some jobs are being added, some open positions are not being filled, while other jobs are being ‘redefined.’ “We are taking some steps to accommodate changes in technology and newsgathering that make the best use of our staff,” a spokesperson tells TVNewser.

Insiders say the cuts amount to “just over 1%” of the CBS News staff. CBS Corp. reported a 14.6% decline in fourth-quarter earnings. The share price is down 19% so far this year.

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Goodness gracious..welcome to the real world news folks. We aren’t spending our money and neither are the companies at advertise. Why isn’t Fox Noise laying off is my only question..