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Politcs black out in force..

I will try not to just write about sports..perhaps music will be ok?

I just can not deal with political fuckery right now. I have way too much crappola going on in my personal life, my plate, it seems, is very full. Sirens Chronicles was hacked again..and this time might be the one that takes it down and we rebuild from scratch..losing years of everyone’s work. It looks ok from the outside..but none of us can get inside the site. 😦

I have medical issues again..but the bad part is the Doc hasn’t got clue friggin one about what is wrong with me and that doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy. The worst part is the unending, constant pain associated with this medical pain med in the world helps..I kid you not. I can’t walk, sit, move, cough, etc..without sharp jabbing pain internally. That shit gets old real fast and its now been 10 days and counting. Needless to say I am consuming a lot of medicinal cannabis and a Vicodin or RushBo’s favorite..Oxycontin, every 5 hours to boot. Nothing takes the pain away..I just don’t give a shit when I am doped up to my eyeballs.

The CT scan was interesting as I had never had one before. Nothing like laying on a table that slides in and out of a giant donut. It was a noisy machine however and my ears were humming for hours afterward. Now we wait for the reading of the slides and the report to go across town to my Doc. This medical issue has nothing (he thinks) to do with the blown three discs in my at least I do not have to deal with the jackasses at Workers Compensation..just the jackasses at my regular heath insurance company. They move with the speed of a geriatic if they were in alot of pain they would move their asses..what do you think?

As for good news..ok I have some:

Spanky is making friends with the other kittehs of the house..but he still plays pretty much only with Pee Wee, the second youngest kitteh and an evil little bastard to boot. Pee Wee has managed to destroy five sets of blinds, three blackout curtains and the curtain rod over the kitchen sink..which is a bitch since I have a bad habit of walking around the kitchen dressed in nothing but my bra and underoos. So I like to make breakfast and dinner semi-nude..who cares?

Probably the dude next door..he didn’t sign up for this when he rented that apartment next door to our house..watching some ole biddy parading around in her skivvies. Believe me when I say small children would run away screaming if they caught a glimpse of me half dressed. That way I don’t ruin a perfectly good shirt, as I am a very sloppy cook..makes sense right?

Now, If I looked like Heidi Klum no one would me.

My son in OK has adopted a sweet little cocker spaniel. The poor thing was being punked by a big mean boxer and my son told his boss he would take the little guy. He called me several times tonight to give me updates on how Charlie the Cocker was doing..and whether Fred the Cat had opened Charlie’s snout yet. When Brian was little, we had a great little cocker named Reggie..sadly my ex got him in the divorce. I did drive over to VA and steal him once..but found out that the VA cops will cross state lines when the animal is valued at over a grand.

Needless to say I had to give Reggie back to the ex. Brian was sad for months. We would drive over to VA from MD once a week and visit Reggie whilst the ex was out getting tanked on Saturdays. Eventually the ex’s neighbors turned him in for animal abuse, but failed to call and tell me. By the time I found out about it..Reggie was gone from animal control.

But Brian loves his new little cocker with the self esteem issues. It’s funny that he did this as he has constantly bitched at me for years for taking in every abused dog and abandoned cat for miles around. He calls me a sucker on a regular basis..and..guess what..I called him one tonight at least a half a dozen times. 😉

On the sports hapless Padres are ahead of the Dodgers in the standings. True, its only been five days since the start of the season..but have to take your glory when you can..and since we are a split family when it comes to baseball, this gives me the opportunity to talk shit about the Dodgers to the Ball n’ Chain™.

I never miss that kinda opportunity folks..lemme tell ya. And yes, they actually wore those mustard-colored uni’s back in 1972. Gross..

Well, I got a bit o’ sports..and no sue me. You want music..check out my tunes at Blip. They run the gamut..from Blues to The Kinks, to Led Zeppelin. And a whole lotta stuff in between. Blip is all the new rage..come join us!

Ah yes, Baseball season is here!

So there is another post about the continuing saga of A-fraud, aka Arod over on my sports blog here. He has been caught lying…again…already…

Not all my 10 readers appreciate sports, so I am using the old non-political blog for that endeavor.

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The Boo birds were active last night..

My favorite time of the year is here..BASEBALL!!!!!

Now, I know many of you probably aren’t big fans of professional sports. Well, I can only condolences..its a wonderful diversion to the day to day hell we live as political bloggers..and citizens of these here United States. The Washington Nationals..aka the gNats..opened their season last night in their brand-spanking-new stadium. Guess who tossed out the first pitch..go ahead..guess..

Ok..It was Georgie boy..yes, our Idiot-in-Chief. And the sumbitch was booed like there was no tomorrow folks!

Warms the cockles of my little black heart don’t ya know?

At least he didn’t put a hex on the gNats..they won in the bottom of the ninth inning on a homer by Ryan Zimmerman. Damn, I knew I should of picked him up in one of those nine friggin leagues I am in. Damn it!

i just hope my Padres win tonight…I had enough bad news last week to last me the rest of the friggin year. Go PADRES!

We will now resume our normal political bitchfest m’dear reader 🙂 A hug and a hat tip to Betmo for turning me on to Bush’s boofest 😉

30-3..are you kidding me?

Ok, I know this is a political blog..but for the love of PETE..the Orioles got tagged for 30 friggin runs? By Bush’s old team the Rangers no less?